How Reliable is the The Baldness Calculator?

Inventors of the baldness calculator say they created the device to raise awareness among men. As much as 80% of men will suffer hair loss but its creators say the calculator is the most reliable tool for predicting the exact age at which someone will go bald or have lost most of their hair. However, some scientists recommend caution, saying it preys on the nearly universal fear among men that they'll go bald.

Male Baldness CalculatorThe online quiz consists of 12 questions, regarding age, occupation, marital status, physical activity, hat-wearing tendencies and the like. After a few clicks of the mouse, your highly scientific *wink* result is spat out and brandished across the computer screen.

According to its creators, the baldness calculator will come as a relief for those with a receding hairline, particularly young men at the peak of their social lives. Because as well as predicting the age a man will go bald, it can also provide reassurance by predicting that they will still have a full head of hair in old age.

As you’d expect though, the web-based system, touted as a scientifically substantiated assessment, is provided by a company with an ulterior motive. At the end of the questionnaire, regardless of your outcome, you are recommended some shampoo by a company that, you guessed it, makes shampoo. The baldness calculator is little more than an advertising gimmick.

Nevertheless, who doesn’t like an online quiz for some good old procrastination? I gave it a whirl, firstly under the guise of my 20 year-old brother who, in my opinion, shows some of the early signs of hair loss.

“Congratulations!” it read. “The male baldness calculator determined that you will likely not go bald even in old age.”

Hmmm. I’m sure my brother would be happy about that but I’m not convinced. So I thought I’d see how spot on the calculator truly is. I completed another round of the quiz, pretending to be a 25 year-younger version of my father. I wasn’t nearly as surprised with the following conclusion:

“The baldness calculator has determined the following results for you today: Based on your information, you will most likely go bald at the age of 51 or have lost most of your hair.”

Perhaps I’m just being cynical. There could be a glitch in the system, but my father was completely bald at the age of 41. Although I'd like to bet that my brother's hoping our dad's the one with the glitch and not the system.

So, they say they’re trying to raise awareness of hair loss in men. What’s to be aware about? If it’s concern, you consult a hair loss specialist and get some individually tailored advice and treatment. If not, you go with the flow and join the ranks of Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Jason Statham who embrace their manly right to baldness.

If you’d like to consult the experts in hair loss, contact the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or send an email for more information. If you don’t live in London or the UK, we have our own online survey for you. However by filling in our comprehensive online diagnostic form, you provide the information our specialists need to diagnose you condition and make suitable recommendations via a follow up phone call. Also, by attaching a photo you can help our experts confirm the location and severity of hair loss. Have a look at our before and during treatment photos for an idea of how to take the picture.

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