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‘How Often Should Hair Be Washed When Using Minoxidil?’

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Wash Your HairName: Cristi

Question: Hello! How often should we wash our hair when using minoxidil. My doctor said 2 per week but my hair is getting very greasy fast due to the minoxidil treatment (I also have oily skin)

Answer: Hi, Cristi. Depending on your hair type we would generally advise washing your hair once a day or once every other day. This is especially beneficial if you have an oily scalp and thinning hair as the oil can make hair look thinner, whilst freshly washed hair appears naturally more full. If you have Afro hair then aim for once a week but the more regularly you can wash your hair, the better.

As you don’t appear to be a Belgravia client we would advise you to speak to the person you purchased the minoxidil from, or the manufacturer, about your concerns. It could be that you need further instructions on the application or that the product is not entirely suitable for you.

If the hair loss product your doctor has provided is not agreeing with your scalp it may be that another formulation may suit you better so you may want to get a second opinion on your treatment.

In general terms, however, we can tell you that we generally recommend our hair loss treatment clients wash their hair frequently and apply their minoxidil after washing and drying their hair. This keeps the scalp clean, dry and allows whichever high strength minoxidil product they are using sufficient time to be fully absorbed into the scalp.

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3rd September, 2018 at 6:32 pm


I shampooing my hair everyday before using minioxdil....but still there is hair loss in my frontal sclap.... am 26 and male abd also my hair is afro

4th September, 2018 at 10:46 am

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Keinsha, firstly, ensure you are applying the minoxidil only once your scalp is dry otherwise you may be diluting the drug, making it less effective. Secondly, you don't say what condition you are using the treatment for - a receding hairline can be caused by Male Pattern Baldness but it can also be the result of Traction Alopecia if you wear your hair in tight styles such as braids. It may also be that you haven't been using the medication long enough or it is not the right formulation for your needs - depending on how extensive the hair loss is when you first start, it can take three to six months - or more - to notice any changes. We understand you are not a Belgravia client so we would encourage you to speak with your minoxidil provider and/or to have a consultation with a specialist elsewhere to explore other options for hair loss treatment that may be better suited to your needs.

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