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‘How Often Do I Wash Afro Hair Whilst on Hair Loss Treatment?’


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Name: Cat

Question: Can I put oil and cream in my hair after I use Rogaine? And how often should I wash my hair while using treatment? I am a black woman.

Answer: Hi, Cat. Rogaine, or Regaine as it is known here in the UK, is a brand name for the over-the-counter, genetic hair loss drug, minoxidil.

Afro Hair Woman Hair Loss

When following a hair loss treatment course, you can still use your normal moisturising products – for example hair oil, conditioner, hair masks or hair cream – while using high strength minoxidil. However, you should be aware of the order in which the different hair care products should be used alongside your medication.

If you are referring to products that are used on the lengths or ends of your hair only, but are not applied to the scalp, they should not affect your minoxidil. For example, you can use leave-in conditioners, hair masques or oils as usual, as long as they are not applied to the scalp.

If you are using scalp oils, Belgravia hair loss specialists usually advise patients to apply minoxidil first, let it absorb for up to an hour, and then apply the scalp oil after that. This is so that the medication is properly absorbed into the scalp and the scalp oil does not dilute it as weakening the drug may make it less effective.

As you are not a Belgravia client, we are unsure which specific hair loss solution you are using, but if you are using a once-a-day formulation, it may be best to apply it at night, then wash your hair and apply the relevant hair care and scalp oil products in the morning – or vice versa.

The frequency at which someone should wash their hair is based on the patient’s hair type and scalp condition. For example, those with an oily scalp and finer hair may need to shampoo daily, whilst those with a dry scalp and coarse, thick hair, or tightly curled hair, may only need to shampoo weekly.

Additionally, those with scalp conditions – such as dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis – may be required to shampoo more frequently depending on the usage instructions of their scalp medication or medicated shampoo.

As we understand you have an Afro hair type and are using minoxidil, we would generally recommend shampooing your hair at least once a week, though you may wish to wash your hair more frequently simply to prevent any potential residue build-up on your scalp whilst using hairloss treatment.

Depending on where you are based, another potential reason to shampoo daily or thereabouts is to help reduce the effects of air pollution on the hair, as this has recently been confirmed to contribute to hair loss and thinning hair.

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