How Much Will It Cost to Get My Receding Hairline Back?

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Name: Castrol Shah

Question: I'm 21 years old man with a problem having receding hairline and slightly thinning hair. I was wondering how much it would cost to have the hairline back to its normal type

Answer: Hi, Castrol. The cost depends entirely on the type of treatment plan you decide to follow in order to address your hair loss.

How Much Does it Cost?For male pattern baldness we recommend a course featuring either or both of the clinically-proven hair loss treatments to which various supplementary hair growth supporting products can also be added.

Finasteride 1mg is a once-a-day tablet designed to inhibit the formation of DHT, the substance which causes thinning hair in those with an inherited predisposition to genetic hair loss. This alone is unlikely to be enough to restore your receding hairline, however, as frontal hair loss, including around the temples, is the most stubborn area to treat and this medication is 'unproven' in relation to this specific area of the scalp.

The other MHRA licensed and FDA approved treatment is topical and involves applications of high strength minoxidil to accelerate regrowth; it can be used on its own or in combination with finasteride 1mg, depending on medical suitability and individual preference.

In terms of cost, as I mentioned before, this depends on the treatment programme you opt to follow and the components involved but prices generally range from around £600 per year to £2,000 per year for an annual course.

Following your initial consultation a hair loss specialist will provide you with a number of personalised recommendations tailored to your precise needs, aimed at stabilising shedding, promoting hair growth and preventing baldness. Once these have been discussed with you, including prices and payment options, you can decide which - if any - you would like to go with.

This advice is, of course, based on the assumption that you are suitable for treatment and that your level of thinning is likely to respond well, both of which will be explored at your consultation. Do bear in mind too that everyone responds differently to treatment so, whilst we can advise you on the kinds of levels of regrowth that are likely, it is impossible for anyone to guarantee precise results or that you will get your original hairline back.
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