How Much Is It to Get the V Put Back Into My Hairline?'

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Widow's Peak - Receding Hairline at the TemplesName: Joshua

Question: How much is it to get the V put back into my hairline?

Answer: Hi, Joshua. Firstly we would need to understand a little bit more about your hair loss in order to provide a definitive answer to your question.

We are assuming that the 'V' you are referring to is a widow's peak and that you used to have this type of pointed hairline previously. There are a few different reasons why this point may no longer be present, or is now less defined.

The hairline can change shape as we age, notably during puberty when it may soften and round out, which may lead to the point being less defined. This is not a hair loss condition, it is simply a maturing hairline which is adjusting to the body's changing characteristics, and these can be more pronounced in some than in others.

If you have a receding hairline, where the hair either side of the peak is thinning, this can make the general V-shape more severe, but can also cause the actual tip of the peak to become more rounded as the hair thins. This is caused by male pattern baldness which is a permanent and progressive hereditary hair loss condition.

If this is the cause of your concern, there are clinically-proven, MHRA licensed and FDA approved hair loss treatments which can be used to help prevent further shedding and to promote hair regrowth.

The first is a DHT-blocker called finasteride 1mg which can be taken once per day by medically suitable men aged 18 and over. When it comes to treating frontal hair loss, finasteride 1mg is unproven though it does help to inhibit the cause of thinning hair in cases of genetic hairloss. The second, topical high strength minoxidil solutions, can be used alone or in conjunction with finasteride, and help to promote localised blood flow and hair growth.

Combining this approach with additional hair growth supporting products can be beneficial. It is worth noting, however, given your concern revolves around the hairline, that this area has the slowest hair growth on the scalp.

The cost depends entirely on the treatment required and which options you choose to include within your course, as well as factors such as the length of your course and whether you pay annually or monthly, for example. However, as a general guide, Belgravia male hair loss treatment courses tend to start from £600 per year to around £2,000 per year.

It is worth noting that if your hairline did not form a natural peak previously, only surgery would be able to achieve this for you, and this is not something we would normally advise.

Without seeing your hairline now and how it looked previously, we can only provide you with general hair loss advice but if you would like personalised information and a quote based on the resulting recommendations,we would certainly recommend a consultation with a hair specialist.

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