How Much Does a Hair Loss Consultation Cost?

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Question: Hi! Can I have information on coming to the clinic? Is the visit paid?

Answer: Hi, Tony. At Belgravia your tricho-check - or hair loss consultation - is free and can take place at either of our Central London clinics.

TrichocheckAt the consultation a hair loss specialist nurse will assess your level and pattern of shedding in order to diagnose your hair loss condition. They will also run through your medical history and lifestyle habits in order to form a well rounded opinion on any other factors that may be contributing to your shedding, as well as to ascertain which treatments may be suitable - or unsuitable for you.

They will then talk you through your condition, what it is, what causes the hair loss and your suitability for treatment. They will answer any questions you have and can advise on other aspects such as lifestyle changes you can make to help improve your hair's health.

Assuming you are deemed suitable, they will then offer personalised recommendations for hair loss treatment course featuring clinically-proven medications and relevant hair growth boosters. These recommendations will be tailored specifically to your needs and situation and talk you through each of the components being recommended, including how to use or apply each of them.

Once they have run you through everything and answered your questions they will take you to meet your dedicated treatment advisor who, should you decide to become a Belgravia client, will be your personal contact. They can then follow up on what the specialist recommended, helping you to decide on what is most suitable for you based on what will fit best with your lifestyle and budget, including discussing the various payment options with you. If you decide to pay for an annual course up front they will also talk you through the choice of bonus products you can have included free of charge.

As both Belgravia's clinics have in-house pharmacies, if you decide to sign up for treatment at your first appointment you can generally take your treatments away with you in order to get started straight away. However, we understand people may want to take some time to make this decision so it is also possible to let us know by phone or email then, once payment has been taken, we will post your first round of treatments out to you.

You do not need to bring anything with you to the appointment, however, it may be useful to make a note of any questions you would like to ask and details of any recent or on-going medical conditions or complaints, as well as the names of medication or dietary supplements you are currently taking.

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