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How Hair Loss Can Be Prevented

For many people, thinning hair can seem like the start to an inevitable path. Hereditary hair loss has long been seen as an ‘in-curable’ condition, with many holding the out-dated opinion that it is something that we should just accept and learn to live with. Nowadays, though, this is not the case. The Belgravia Centre – one of the world’s leading hairloss clinics – offers hair loss treatment programmes based on medically proven pharmaceutical products. These easy and effective programmes are individually prescribed by the customer’s own dedicated trichologist, and fundamentally consist of two treatments, Propecia and Minoxidil, as well a variety of hair growth boosters. But before you understand how these treatments work, it is important to understand why hereditary hair loss takes place.

Genetic Male Pattern Hair Loss

Men and women who are genetically predisposed to hair loss have enzymes called 5-alpha reductase. These enzymes act as a changing agent, turning the hormone ‘testosterone’ into another hormone derivative – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT, once formed, attaches itself to the hair follicles on the top of the head, causing them to gradually shrink with every growth cycle. This results in the hair growing thinner over time, until eventually the hair follicles become dysfunctional and the hair stops growing altogether. This process usually occurs between the ages of 18 and 35 – when the body is producing the highest levels of testosterone – and, with Belgravia’s treatments, it can be prevented and in the majority of cases reversed.


Suitable for men over the age of 18, Propecia works to inhibit the formation of DHT within the system, thus preventing initial hair loss. Propecia is a licensed medication, and its effectiveness was shown when an independent group of dermatologists conducted a 5 year clinical study of 279 men who had been taking Propecia to reduce thinning hair and hair loss. The results? 9 of 10 men achieved visible results, with 48% experiencing hair re-growth while 42% stopped losing their hair.



Minoxidil was the first hair loss treatment proven to reverse genetic hair loss in both males and females and to be licensed by the MHRA. Available as either a solution or a cream (exclusively produced by the Belgravia Pharmacy), it works by increasing the blood supply to the areas that it is applied. As well as increasing the nutrients supplied to the follicles, this also prevents them from shrinking – resulting in not only prevention of hairloss, but often hair re-growth. The effectiveness of Minoxidil is often related to the strength of either the solution or the cream, and Belgravia’s professional tricholgists will ensure that every customer gets the right strength of Minoxidil to suit them.

While Belgravia trichologists have found over years of treating thousands of hair loss sufferers that the combination of Propecia and Minoxidil has been the most popular, effective and successful hair loss treatment, there are also a number of other ‘hair growth boosters‘ which, if taken alongside the two together, are even more likely to combat genetic male hair loss effectively. These boosters, much like Propecia and Minoxodil, can easily be integrated in to any lifestyle and include the LaserComb, Hair Vitalics and clinical treatment therapy.

If you are suffering from hair loss or would like more information on the treatments available, contact The Belgravia Centre for a free consultation with a hair specialist by either messaging the clinic or calling 020 7730 6666. Alternatively you can complete an online diagnostic form, designed specifically for those who are unable to visit Belgravia’s London centre. The form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and provides Belgravia’s trichologists with all of the information required to diagnose your hair loss condition and recommend a superior Belgravia treatment programme for hair loss, without having to visit the centre.

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