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How Hair Loss Affects Your Image


Hair loss has the power to affect your whole imageAge is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel, but other’s perceptions of your age is apparently what counts the most in your personal and professional life. One of the most common reasons for men and women to consider doing something about their hair loss is to overcome what they perceive to be an age-inappropriate appearance.

Most of the time people can’t accurately guess someone’s age, which just goes to show its subjective and perceptive nature. However, research has found that first impressions do indeed last and if someone perceives you as being older than you actually are, it can have a considerable influence on your self-regard, and your interpersonal and work-related relationships.

The sun isn’t the only thing that causes premature ageing. Loss of hair can add years to your look and while it may work for some, most people don’t want to appear older than they are, or feel. Power, wisdom, authority – the bald look can conjure associations that may work to some men’s advantage, but in most cases hair loss is a frustrating condition that can have a potent negative effect in overall assessment of age and age-related values.

Particularly in the current economic climate, appearance can mean the difference between getting a job and not, and hair is more valuable to people than ever. In fact, more than half of people would prefer to have more hair than more money or friends.* People are quick to make judgments regarding your appearance of age and unfortunately in some cases, hair loss may be the dominant factor in how a person is assessed.

Some men may appear to be uninflected by others perceptions but research has found hair loss is a major concern for them. As far as women are concerned, thinning hair is an age-related cosmetic detriment with psychological implications, no matter at what age it occurs.

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