How Google is Helping People to Prevent Hair Loss

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It’s easy to forget that Google is so much more than the world’s leading search engine: it also happens to have its irons in multiple fires including one that could directly benefit people with hair loss.

At the start of this month Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announced a £540 million partnership with British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline; a joint-venture that will challenge current methods of medical treatment by swapping drugs for tiny implants that wrap around nerves and modify electrical signals.

Google Hair LossInadvertently lead to hair loss

While there is no talk yet that the technique may one day be used to prevent hair loss, what is certainly clear is that some of the conditions the science is being designed to treat do inadvertently lead to hair loss. Diabetes, for example, can lead to hair loss as can the medications people take to manage the condition. By preventing the illness and, indeed, doing away with treatment drugs, hair loss conditions such as Telogen Effluvium (a general all-over thinning) as a result of diabetes may be avoided entirely.

The joint venture involves GSK teaming up with Verily Life Sciences, which was formerly known as Google Life Sciences. GSK will hold a 55 per cent stake in the business, with Verily holding the remainder.

Known as “bioelectronics” the new technology is based around tiny implantable devices that can control electrical nerve signals. Reporting on the story, Reuters state that the aim is to “modulate irregular or altered impulses that occur in many illnesses.”

In diabetes, for example, it is hoped that the devices will be able to “coax insulin from cells.”

There are a great many hair loss conditions that arise as a result of medical problems excessive, diffuse shedding is quite often symptomatic of an otherwise undiagnosed health issue. Among them are Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Lady Gaga was reported to be suffering from this rare chronic autoimmune disease in 2010. Similar to Lupus is Chron’s Disease, which can cause hairloss because it limits the absorption of nutrients into the body. As with the body's overall health, a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals is also essential for strong and vital hair. Hair Vitalics a proprietary blend of essential nutrients for hair was developed exactly for this reason and can help top up any gaps in your diet.

Beyond this, some medical experts believe that hair loss can be connected to an almost infinite number of medical conditions. When the body is viewed holistically, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to suggest that hair fall and a migraine may be linked, for example. It’s a line of thinking that scientists in Denmark have been pursuing, their ‘data mining’ technique digging deep into a patient's entire medical history looking for connections.

Help for Male Pattern Baldness?

While the GSK/Verily team state that they anticipate it will be around six years before bioelectronics-based treatments will be available, long-term this new branch of medicine could play an ever-more important role in medicine.

Whether or not there may one day be an advanced solution along these lines that helps to combat the hair thinning and receding hairlines associated with Male Pattern Baldness the most common form of hair loss, which will affect most men by retirement age remains to be seen.

The trick will be in halting the creation of a testosterone by-product named DHT. In people with a genetic sensitivity to it, it is this by-product that ultimately causes hair to thin and eventually fall out, which is why current, clinically-proven medications that form part of Belgravia's popular male hair loss treatment courses are designed to address exactly that.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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