How Football Manager Slaven Bilic Hammered His Hair Loss

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Like many stressed football managers, West Ham's Slaven Bilic has shown signs of hair loss for many years. However, at the end of the 2015/16 season he decided enough was enough and took steps to address his advanced thinning on top.

Now, three months after the close season break, the 48 year old appears to be reaping the rewards. Something that didn't go unnoticed by Match of the Day host, Gary Lineker...

gary-lineker-tweet-slaven-bilic-hair-loss-hair-transplantStress and hair loss

Following the East London club's shaky start to the season, Lineker tweeted, 'Most managers under the cosh might lose their hair, Slaven Bilic appears to be gaining it'.

The TV presenter is right about stress-related hair loss; the pressure of being a top flight premiership manager is incredibly likely to have contributed to Bilic's thinning hair. However, he must have had an inherited predisposition towards male pattern baldness in the first place as the cause is down to genetics. Lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking and stress can all simply speed the shedding process up.

Telltale signs of surgery

During the summer break Slaven Bilic kept himself busy providing punditry and insights for ITV on June's Euro 2016 tournament. This is when rumours started that the Croat may have undergone a hair transplant. Viewers spotted what appeared to be an angry pink scalp covered in little red dots on top. These are usually key telltale signs of recent hair restoration surgery and are due to a series of tiny incisions made in the scalp for donor hair grafts to be relocated into.

Gary Lineker was also rumoured to have had a hair transplant himself, though neither man has openly confirmed whether this is how they have chosen to tackle their hair loss.

Lineker's ex-wife, Danielle Bux, told Now Magazine in 2010 that she encouraged the former Tottenham striker to look into the surgery, saying, "I can’t see him bald... You know what his sticky-out ears are like!" She also encouraged him to take food supplements to keep his hair in good condition. Maybe she was concerned he wasn't eating a balanced diet thanks to his crisp endorsements!

Hair transplant v hair loss treatment

Despite common perceptions, a hair transplant is not always the 'quick fix' option for thinning hair that many men believe it to be. First of all, prior to the procedure following a hair loss treatment course for at least six months is generally advised. This optimizes regrowth, providing strong base for the surgeon to work with - if the operation is still needed.

Sometimes the results from treatment are so significant that men decide not to go ahead after all. This is especially worth considering - financial implications aside - given they will need to continue using these same clinically-proven treatments after the surgery anyway in order to prevent hair loss in areas surrounding the grafts.

New grafts can take a little while to settle in. The hair may shed initially after the operation but results are usually visible from three to six months later. Given Slaven Bilic is thought to have had a close season transplant in early June, this timeline fits with how his hair is looking now in October, as pictured in Lineker's cheeky tweet. His regrowth progress has also been noticeable on the touchline since the start of the 2016/17 season.

Any men worried that they have a similar pattern of hair loss to Billic who want options for dealing with their thinning will be pleased to hear there are solutions that don't require a Premier League salary. Belgravia uses bespoke male hair loss treatment courses that centre around attacking the enzyme responsible for balding and defending new regrowth. It's a tried and tested approach - and one that has produced far more successes than West Ham have recently!

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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