How Do You Use the HairMax LaserComb?'

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Question: How do you use the HairMax LaserComb?

Answer: Hi, Cemalnur. If you were given a HairMax LaserComb as part of your Belgravia hair loss treatment course to help boost the effects of your treatment, your dedicated treatment advisor will be able to take you through this either in person or over the phone, or by email if you prefer. You can contact them directly, via the centre or ask for another demo when you are next in the clinic.

In case you did not get your laser comb through us, here is a brief explanation as to how to use this popular hair growth booster device. You can also watch the video below, and we also recommend you read through the manufacturers' instructions which should have accompanied the product.

Make sure your hair is clean and the handset is charged, as per the instruction leaflet or 'Quick Start Guide' included.

You should start at the front of your hairline then hold the comb in place, flat against the scalp with all the teeth touching your head and the red lights shining downwards. The teeth of the comb help to separate the hairs, allowing the light to get to the scalp easily.

Comb the device through your hair very slowly, moving it half an inch forward every four seconds, specifically concentrating on the top of your head and hairline, which are the areas which are traditionally affected by male hair loss.

Each treatment session should last 15 minutes in total and this regime should be carried out three days per week to allow the LLLT to help stimulate hair growth to its optimum potential. Using it more often will have no further beneficial effects, according to HairMax.

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