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“How Do You Get Hair to Grow in Bald Areas?”


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Name: David Tandey

Question: I am not able to understand how you get hair growing in bald areas, perhaps you could explain? I am balding at the temples.

An example of Male Pattern Hair Loss successfully treated by The Belgravia Centre

An example of Male Pattern Hair Loss successfully treated by The Belgravia Centre using medically proven treatments

Answer: Hi David. Hair loss at the temples is very common among men and your thinning is most likely down to a condition called Male Pattern Baldness. There are clinically proven treatments for this condition that are proven to prevent and reverse hair loss. A product particularly suited to a receding hairline would be a minoxidil cream, which can be applied directly to the aggressive areas of balding. However, it’s advisable that you read about all of the effective hair loss treatments available and the accompanying information about the mechanism of each product which will explain how they work. You can also view our gallery of hundreds of photographic success stories to view patients with a similar pattern of hair loss to yours.

Regrowth treatments will vary in the amount of hair growth they promote depending on the severity of hair loss for that user. Areas of total baldness (smooth skin with no thin / fluffy hair) are unlikely to regrow hair from the use of treatment, which is when a hair transplant might be necessary. Any reputable hair loss specialist will always advise using clinically proven treatments for at least 6 months before considering a hair transplant, after which time the situation can be evaluated dependent on the increase in density experienced from treatment. Many reputable hair transplant surgeons will not perform a procedure on men with hair loss below a Norwood level 3 and it should be noted that regrowth treatments are still required post-hair transplant.

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