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How do you apply minoxidil?


Name: Derek

Question: I have questions about applying the minoxidil. For the cream it says to start off using .5ml. Should I do this to both left and right places on my hairline using .5 on both parts? As for the liquid, how long until I can take a shower or go swimming after applying? Do I rub it in with my fingers? And is it used for the crown and on the front for hair loss?

Answer: You start off with .5 ml minoxidil applied into the thinnest part. You then increase the amount until you reach 1 ml. You should be using 1 ml in total by the end of your first week. You need to rub the minoxidil cream gently until absorbed, and yes, it can be used on frontal hair loss. With the liquid, you can simply drip this into your scalp and leave it to absorb. You never use more than 1 ml per day regardless of the severity of your hair loss. You need to leave the minoxidil liquid to absorb for a minimum of one to two hours but ideally leave it on for a longer period. You may find this post  on how to apply minoxidil useful, too.



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