How Do I Treat a Receding Hairline and Itchy Scalp?'

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Question: Am losing a lot of hair around my scalp with receding hairline and its very itchy. What do I do about this?

Answer: Hi, Pete. As you say that you are thinning on top and that this is in addition to having a receding hairline, this sounds like a classic case of Male Pattern Baldness.

UK Men Concerned About Hair LossThis can be treated with a personalised male hair loss treatment course which includes high strength minoxidil to help your hairline in particular as this area is notoriously stubborn. Many men treated by Belgravia have found this convenient product, which is applied directly to the scalp where needed, has produced significant regrowth results from them.

In relation to your itchy scalp, this can actually be a signal of hair loss.

People with Burning Scalp Syndrome often describe the feeling as being itchy, tingling and/or burning, and this can be a precursor to hair fall.

There are, of course, other possible reasons you could be experiencing an itchy scalp; these range from having an allergic reaction to grooming products to dandruff or even nits.

In order to get a proper, personalised diagnosis and treatment recommendations, we recommend you consult a hair loss specialist for an individual assessment. During this appointment - or online consultation - they will be able to advise you on the best course for dealing with your shedding as well as helping with any scalp problems you may be experiencing.

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