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‘How Do I Stop Problems With Iron Ferritin Levels Causing Hair Loss?’


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Name: Rumana

Question: My ferritin level was at 20. After 3/4 years of iron supplements and not much luck in raising the level, I was told to have iron infusion. This is to stop my hair loss. However after a month of the infusion, hair loss is worse! My ferritin level is now 325! What should I do?

Answer: Hi, Rumana. From what you say here it sounds extremely likely that your hair loss is unconnected to your Ferritin levels.

Anaemia - Can Anemia Cause Hair Loss?Whilst there is a general agreement that Ferritin levels should be at least 70 for healthy hair growth, there is no direct evidence that low Ferritin leads to hair loss.

In many cases there is a simple reason that thinning hair occurs: female pattern hair loss. This is an extremely common hair loss condition and, whilst it used to be more prevalent in later years, women are now starting to notice symptoms from their early 20’s onwards due to the stress of modern living.

A quick way to ascertain whether your shedding is genetic or whether it is related to a health issue is to note where precisely your hair is shedding from. Female pattern hair loss only affects the top of the scalp and hairline; it can be particularly noticeable at the temples and the parting may start to look wider than usual. With temporary hairloss conditions such as chronic telogen effluvium, that are caused by women’s health issues, the thinning is spread diffusely, affecting the whole scalp – not just the top of the head.

We recommend you have your level and pattern of shedding assessed by a hair loss specialist to determine the type of hair loss. You should also consult with your GP directly regarding your iron issues and explore whether there could be an underlying health issue unrelated to your hair thinning. Once your medical profile and hair assessment have been completed one of our experts will be able to recommend appropriate hair loss treatments for you.

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