fbpx How Do I Know If My Hair Loss Is Due To Male Pattern Baldness?
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How Do I Know If My Hair Loss Is Due To Male Pattern Baldness?


In the second part of our Top 10 Questions About Male Pattern Baldness series, we let you know the signs and what to look for so you can tell if your thinning is due to genetic hair loss.

An Example of Male Pattern Baldness, Successfully Treated by The Belgravia Centre

One way to identify this type of hair loss is to check the position(s) where thinning occurs. Male Pattern Hair Loss is always confined to the area at the top of the head, around the hairline and crown. This is why men who become bald are often only left with hair at the sides and back of their heads, in a horseshoe shape.

The various ways in which Male Pattern Baldness presents and the different stages of Male Hair Loss can be seen in the Norton Scale diagram. However, you may find it more helpful to view our extensive gallery of Hair Loss Success Stories which displays images charting various patients’ treatment results, including ‘Before’ pictures.

There are cases of hair loss where shedding is experienced diffusely all over the scalp (including the sides and back). This is not genetic and is probably another form of hair loss, such as Diffuse Thinning (or ‘Telogen Effluvium‘). This is more common in women whilst genetic hair loss (Male and Female Pattern Baldness) is common in both men and women. Both types of hair loss are reversible using specialist medical treatment.

It is always best to have your hair loss properly assessed by an expert who can advise on the causes and treatment options that suit your individual needs either in person, or by completing our Online Diagnostic Form if you cannot attend one of our clinics.

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