How Do I Know if my Male Pattern Baldness Hair Loss is Temporary or Permanent?

Male Pattern Baldness

is a permanent condition. However, you can stop the hair loss process and reverse Male Pattern Baldness by using medically proven, professional hair loss treatments.Example of Male Pattern Hair Loss being Successfully Treated by The Belgravia Centre
Temporary hair loss is more common in women who can experience hair loss conditions such as Telogen Effluvium which can occur after pregnancy. However, it can happen to anyone, often as a side effect of certain prescription medications including beta-blockers and anti-depressants, treatments such as chemotherapy, or autoimmune conditions like Lupus.
It can also happen following excessive stress, in cases of serious life events such as divorce or a family bereavement.  This type of hair loss usually appears three months after the event which caused it but should clear up on its own, as long as the problem is not ongoing.
The best way to check if your hair loss is temporary or permanent is to establish if your thinning hair matches any of the typical patterns associated with Male Pattern Baldness. It is important to note that this type of hair loss only affects the top of the head, and not the back or sides.
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