How Do I Deal With Wet Hair from Using Minoxidil?'

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Name: Huan

Question: I am using minoxidil since the past two months but am worried about the wet patch it leaves on my hair at the back (I have a thinning crown MPB) when I use it in the morning. Is there anything I can do about this? Can I blow dry it or towel dry my hair before I leave for work?

Answer: Hi, Huan. From what you say here, it sounds like you may be over-using your treatment or applying it incorrectly.

Applying Minoxidil

We understand you are not a Belgravia patient so the first step would be to speak with your current provider for advice, especially in relation to how you are applying minoxidil to ensure this is being done properly.

Generally, when the appropriate, recommended dose of high strength minoxidil is used, it will absorb into the hair and scalp enough to not be wet, or leave visible traces, such as a wet patch, approximately 30 minutes after application.

We do not know which formulation you are using - we are assuming a liquid or foam - but this should be the case for both types of hair loss solution.

It could be that you may be wasting medication by applying too much to the hair, rather than the scalp - which is where it should be directed. If this is the case, it means you don't absorb the right amount of minoxidil, and can leave the hair wet-looking, with a white residue that can look like dust or dandruff. This is why we recommend ensuring you are applying the product correctly to the scalp - not the hair - as if you are doing this, it should not change how your hair looks. Your provider should be able to give you a recap on proper application techniques.

If your hair is still significantly wet after half an hour, it indicates you may be using too much, which is problematic as medication - including hair loss treatments - should always be used in the exact doses specified.

Using more than the recommended dose of minoxidil will not help you to see quicker or better hair regrowth results but what it may do is increase your chances of experiencing adverse events.

We certainly would not recommend either blow-drying or towel-drying your hair if it is wet with minoxidil as the former may cause the treatment to evaporate, whilst the latter may cause it to be absorbed by the towel.

If this happens it would reduce the amount of the drug that is absorbed through your scalp, thereby also reducing the potential efficacy of your hairloss treatment.

It may simply be a case of you needing to apply your treatment slightly earlier, so that you allow yourself a full half hour of absorption time before leaving the house, if you are concerned about having a wet crown in public.

For the best chance of having your treatment be as effective as possible and produce hair growth results for your thinning crown, we advise you to monitor how much of the solution you are using.

If you are sure it is the prescribed dosage and are still experiencing issues with wet hair half an hour after application, we recommend speaking to whoever supplies your minoxidil, or seeing a different hair loss specialist for a second opinion as to whether this is the right type of Male Pattern Baldness treatment for you.

You can either arrange to visit a hair loss clinic in person for an assessment, or, if you are based outside London or abroad, an online consultation which allows you to upload photos, is also available and may be more convenient.

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