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“How Can I Make My Thinning Hair Look Thicker for Parties?”


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Name: Leo

Question: I need your help. I’m thinning on top and there’s no way I’m wearing a wig or anything like that. I plan on looking into treatment after Christmas but what can I do to make my hair look thicker in the meantime? I’ve got a load of Christmas parties and New Years coming up and don’t want my balding bits all over instagram!!! Apart from wearing a hat, is there anything I can do? I’ve been reading about hair fibres but decided it’s not for me. What else can you suggest?

Temporary Ways to Make Thinning Hair Look ThickerAnswer: Hi, Leo. Social media and the ease and reach with which photos can be shared now has definitely increased people’s anxieties concerning their hair loss so you are far from alone in these concerns.

Although you have ruled out using thickening fibres and wigs or hair replacement systems, there are a number of temporary concealing options depending on your colouring and the pattern of your shedding.

In every instance we would suggest your first stop be a visit to your hairdresser or barber. Be completely honest about what you are looking to achieve from your haircut – namely, to cover up and/or draw attention away from the fact that you have thinning hair – and they should be able to work out a style to suit you. Fade hairstyles are generally suitable for most face shapes, hair types and patterns of thinning, as well as being fashionable. These tend to be very short at the sides but fuller on top and this contrast instantly enhances any length on top although volume can be created with the use of styling products such as salt spray and a little gentle backcombing.

Your hairdresser will be able to talk you through how to recreate the style at home and what type of products will work best. Always use small amounts of lightweight products, ideally with dry textures where possible, this way you can build to the amount you need – too much product can make thinning on top, like you are experiencing, look worse. Similarly, try to avoid gels and styling creams as you don’t want to weigh the hair down and the more you put in it, the thinner it will tend to look as the hair will clump together and separate, leaving your scalp more visible.

The quickest and easiest trick for party-ready hair once you have a reliable cut is to make sure your hair is freshly-washed before you go out. Having clean, shampooed hair gives an instant volume boost as it removes the oils and dirt that make your hair look limp by weighing it down and making it look thin – just like when you add too much product.

Wendy Williams Suggests Using Makeup to Cover The Scalp to Make Hair Appear FullerThere are trends, particularly among celebrities – who you must remember are mostly going to be seen on screen or photographed from a distance – for scalp colouring. In those with fairer skin the scalp and hairline can be coloured-in using an eyeshadow that matches their hair colour to mask their scalp skin in order to give the appearance of thicker hair. Another option is to visit a theatrical costumiers or professional makeup store where they will often have coloured hairsprays which work in a similar way and are often used to make actors’ hair look fuller or to fill in bald spots to conceal hair loss.

For those with darker skin tones a similar but more long-term solution is available by using the dye Bigen although judging by some of the unnatural-looking ‘shoe polish‘ results people have encountered, it is best to have a specialist apply this for you.

We hope this information on cosmetic disguises helps you to find something that helps you feel more confident about your hair during the party season. If we can help provide advice on male hair loss treatment in the New Year, do just let us know as obviously the only way to truly make your hair look thicker is to ensure it is healthy and all DHT attacks are minimised for maximum growth.

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