How Can I Make My Hair Grow Quicker?'

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Ms D.
Question: How can I make my hair grow quicker please?
How Can I Make My Hair Grow Quicker?Answer: Hello Ms D, thank you for your question. You don't say whether or not you are suffering from hair loss so I have included a variety of suggestions for you which cover both instances.
Hair growth is a three phase cycle which takes roughly 100 days to complete once the hair has finished growing.
1. The first phase is the Anagen stage where hair growth occurs. This can take from 3-6 years.
2. The second phase is the Catagen stage where the hair transitions from growing into its resting phase. This takes 1-2 weeks following the end of the Anagen phase.
3. The final phase is the Telogen stage where hair growth stops and the hair production process pauses. This normally takes 3-6 weeks, although sometimes the hair can enter this phase prematurely due to extreme stress or sudden shock. In these instances the hair can remain in its resting phase for up to six months or more, depending on the hair loss condition that has been sparked.
Once the final Telogen phase ends, the hair falls and the cycle starts again from the Anagen stage. This is why people experiencing temporary hair loss from conditions such as Telogen Effluvium may not notice their hair shedding until around 3 months following the trigger incident.
Generally around 10% of your hair is in its resting phase at any one time.
For women with hair loss, a topical application of high strength minoxidil can help to speed up regrowth, although this is not recommended for anyone without thinning hair.
Hair Growth Boosters for Men and Women - Hair Vitalics LasercombOne of the best things you can do to promote hair growth is to ensure your hair follicles receive a steady supply of the nutrients needed for healthy hair.
A good balanced diet keeps hair at its optimal health. Deficiencies such as iron or zinc can affect hair growth and in severe cases actually cause hair loss.  This is because, when there is a limited supply of nutrients available, the body deprives appendages such as the hair and nails in order to divert their share to the vital organs, which take precedence. If you feel your diet is lacking in the right vitamins and minerals, you can top up with a targeted daily supplement like Hair Vitalics.
These supplements are part of a range of Hair Growth Boosters which also includes low level light therapy treatment using a HairMax LaserComb. This award-winning handheld device is built like a wide-toothed hairbrush and is slowly combed through the hair, This action separates the hair and allows the low level laser light emitted by the Laser Comb to penetrate the scalp directly. This patented, FDA-cleared hair growth tool has been shown to speed up hair growth when used as directed and can be used either at home or as part of Belgravia's in-house clinical therapy sessions.

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