‘How Can I Keep My Thinning Hair Clean At Glastonbury?’

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: Paul

Question: I’m off to Glastonbury for the first time and am dreading the lack of shower facilities and that whole grungy look. My hair is already thinning a little and I’d rather it not look even worse. Any tips? Do dry shampoos work?

How Can I Keep My Thinning Hair Clean at Music Festivals This Summer?Answer: Hi Paul great question. Several members of the Belgravia team have reported back about how tricky it can be to maintain normal levels of cleanliness at music festivals, particularly ones like Glastonbury where you have to camp, so we do know why you’re concerned!

We’ll get to the second part of your question about dry shampoo in a moment, but as a general rule frequent washing is a good idea if your hair is thinning. Here’s why: washing your hair tends to make it look fuller. Thinning hair can start to look oily fairly quickly: add sweat to the mix and the result is not a nice, fluffy head of hair but a number of hairs struck together, which tends to emphasise those places where you can see the scalp.

Additionally, if you have a scalp condition such as psoriasis, dandruff or Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, washing hair is also recommended because it typically gets rid of the flaky skin, even if only temporarily. These types of issues can also be made worse by sleeping in a tent which can be really drying for the skin, in addition to causing a sweaty scalp.

When it comes to keeping your hair clean at Glastonbury, the best options are to use your normal shampoo, and keep your eye open for the showers which are usually located at the bottom of the Kidz Field and in the Greenpeace field. Be warned though, you might well have to queue as the showers are in big demand - you also have to book your shower ahead of time in some locations. Check the festival website in advance for a map and details.

There are some on-site services, such as The Powder Room, which offer hairdressing to festival-goers, but an alternative idea might be to take a large container with you and store it in your tent. You can fill this with water from taps located around the site as often as needed.

To answer your question about dry shampoo, there are certainly many people who swear by it, including many who say it can help to add extra volume to thinning hair. Unfortunately, the internet is also awash with anecdotal stories from users who claim using dry shampoo causes hair loss.

Music Festival Hair EssentialsAt present, there is no research that connects dry shampoo to hair loss. For a short period of just a few days or all six days if you’re a Glastonbury early-starter it is unlikely that a dry shampoo would lead to any long-term damage if you used it once or at most twice during your time at the festival. Just be sure to wash your hair well when you get home to remove any product build up, as well as dirt and dust from the festival.

Another viable option for the days when you may not be able to wash your hair, is to take a leaf out of Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno's book and wear a hat. As you are likely to be spending a lot of time outside, this can help to not only hide dirty hair but can also help to protect your scalp from sunburn as thinning hair will provide less natural sun protection.

If you are concerned about showing signs of hair loss, it might be a good idea to seek out a specialist to see what they suggest, as many men see impressive regrowth results from following male hair loss treatment programmes. A specialist can advise on what’s best for your specific pattern and level of shedding then give you an idea of what kind of regrowth can be expected and maybe make next year’s Glastonbury a little more stress-free.

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