How Can Baking Soda Be Used to Treat Hair Loss?'

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Baking SodaName: Jai

Question: How do I use baking soda to help my hair? Do I rub it in or mix it with water to form a paste? I want to use it as it is a good natural hair loss treatment.

Answer: Hi, Jai. Unfortunately it is untrue that baking soda can treat hair loss.

The baking soda hair loss treatment myth has been circulating again recently after a survey found that 71 per cent of men would be open to trying this method. Sadly, that does not make it effective.

It is often suggested - and never by reputable medical sources as far as we're aware - that baking soda should be watered down and mixed into a paste then applied to and rinsed from the scalp in order to remove build up. It is basically a household cleaning agent that some people use to get rid of residue from styling products or chlorine from swimmers' hair. The theory that tends to accompany such suggestions is that, by ensuring the scalp is extremely clean, it will allow the hair to grow properly.

Firstly, even if diluted, baking soda should not be applied to the scalp, especially if you are experiencing any kind of hair thinning, damaged hair or signs of male pattern baldness. It is important that the scalp is clean and well-cared for in order to encourage healthy hair growth but baking soda can be far too harsh and can strip necessary oils away as well as any dirt. Using a gentle shampoo to regularly cleanse the scalp will do the same job but in a much more hair-friendly way that is less likely to weaken the hair.

Secondly, baking soda is ineffective at treating genetic hair loss as it cannot get to the underlying cause of the condition - an inherited sensitivity to DHT.

Whilst there are no natural hair loss treatments proven to be truly effective, saw palmetto is thought to inhibit 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme required to convert testosterone into dihyrotestosterone (DHT). By doing so it is believed to reduce the amount of DHT in the body and reduce hair loss in this way. This has not been proven by significant medical studies, however, so we consider saw palmettto and food supplements which contain this, such as Belgravia's own Hair Vitalics for Men, to be a secondary 'adjunct therapy' for supporting hair growth and not a treatment for hair loss.

There are two effective, MHRA licensed and FDA approved pharmaceutical treatments for male hair loss. These can be used individually or combined as part of a personalised hair loss treatment course, and when used consistently and as directed this approach can often provide significant results. Whilst many natural therapies, specially formulated shampoos and food supplements to help the general health of your hair and scalp, can also be used alongside the clinically-proven medications, it is wise to consult a specialist beforehand in order to ensure there are no contraindications.

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