How Adama Traore’s Controversial Hairstyle Could Cause Hair Loss

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Middlesbrough’s footballing woes are attracting all the wrong headlines as the team battles to stay in the Premier League, and a new one that could be added to the list is: ‘Player’s bleaching leads to hair loss’.

The culprit is winger Adama Traore, who ran out against Swansea recently sporting a new look that had many supporters reaching for their sunglasses.

Adama Traore Hair'Worst hair in Premier League'

Pundits and fans were mostly critical of the bleached blond new hairstyle, with many wondering why Traore was tinkering with his locks when he should perhaps be concentrating on helping his team to avoid relegation. Sixty-two per cent of respondents to a snap Daily Mirror poll agreed that Traore’s hair is now the worst in the Premier League.

Bleaching to such as an extent is generally considered a bad idea, especially with afro hair types as this is naturally more brittle and porous. Strong chemicals used in the bleaching process can easily cause hair breakage, but what is especially troubling here is that the shade is so extreme it will take a lot of maintenance.

This is likely to mean frequent re-bleaching of Traore’s roots, as well as toner applications to the whole head to keep the hair looking bright platinum otherwise it’ll start to go yellow or even orange. This colouring regime, plus any heat styling on top, can lead to a condition named Traction Alopecia.

It is a far from rare hair loss condition and usually affects hair which been pulled into an exceptionally tight style, such as braids. Heavy hair extensions or weaves that place stress on the roots are common causes too, but it’s not always about extreme pulling, as frequent chemical abuse of the hair can also lead to this fully-preventable hair loss condition, causing hair breakage as well as a receding hairline and patchy hair thinning.

Traction Alopecia treatment begins with a commitment from the client to choose a less punishing hairstyle in order to give the scalp a little room to recover. At Belgravia, hair loss specialists often advise using recommended formulations of high strength minoxidil from the range available at our in-clinic pharmacies. These topical medications can also be used alongside appropriate hair growth boosters to further promote hair growth and improve the condition of the hair and scalp. As illustrated by our ever-growing Traction Alopecia Treatment Success Stories gallery, in many cases a good recovery can be made and regrowth is entirely possible, providing that follicles have not become irreparably damaged.

Doctors are concerned

Traction Alopecia is a serious concern, with several doctors in the US speaking out against the styles that can lead to it. Some stylists, too, are trying to help, with one hairdresser in Atlanta recently taking to social media to state that her colleagues should stop “chasing the dollar” (i.e. offering their clients potentially damaging hairstyles) and to “listen to the hair” instead.

To help her own customers who have suffered severely receding hairlines as a result of Traction Alopecia, the stylist whose name is Jasmine Collins has perfected a technique whereby she straightens the hair and combs it forward. It’s a good way to conceal any thinning while undergoing treatment and waiting for new hair to grow, though hair straightening should generally be used infrequently to preserve the health of the hair and minimise related hairloss.

Expert help for all types of hair-related concerns is available at a specialist hair loss clinic, where experienced staff can make a diagnosis and explain the best course of action.

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The Belgravia Centre

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss

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