House's Hugh Laurie is Brash but Balding

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You either love him or you hate him but House’s Hugh Laurie is just like every other man - or 80% of men at least. Hair loss in men is a common grievance for the vast majority and like most, Hugh started losing his hair years ago. But medical treatments for hair loss aren’t on this actor’s agenda.

Balding Hugh Laurie and his alter ego HouseYou don’t often see it but hiding behind a sarcastic façade, hairpieces, clever hairstyling, lighting and camera work, is the House star’s balding crown. The British actor isn't exactly a socialite equivalent to the likes of Lindsay or Paris so when we do see Hugh in his true state, the difference between his on- and off-screen image tends to cause a ruckus.

But the man’s bordering on 50 and plenty of men his age and younger have less hair than he’s got. Hugh makes no effort to conceal his hair loss off-screen and it’s refreshing to see that it doesn’t seem to concern him.

Hugh’s talent could overshadow any physical impairment but it would be interesting to see how the sarcastic and self-assured House character would yield in an environment where those around him would take great joy in making his harmless and natural condition a mockery. Perhaps it would change the way the rest of the world felt about or dealt with baldness.

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Posted by Kate

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss