Hot Fuzz: Has Simon Pegg Taken Action over Hair Loss?

Simon Pegg Mission Impossible The Belgravia Centre

Just before Christmas, it was Simon Pegg’s turn to have the spotlight shone on his receding hairline, accompanied by speculation that he might have had treatment to reverse his hair loss.
According to the Daily Mail the well-known British comedy actor, who has starred in films such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Run Fatboy Run and cult TV favourites such as Spaced, was sporting a “fuller head of hair” when he appeared at December’s premiere of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in Paris. His new hairline is comparable to some of Belgravia's Hair Loss Success Stories.

In the fourth instalment of the popular Mission Impossible film franchise, Pegg reprises his role as IMF technician Benji Dunn, opposite movie megastar Tom Cruise. The Daily Mail even speculates that Simon Pegg might have been spurred on to have hair loss treatment due to his close proximity to the ever youthful-looking Cruise.

According to the paper, Pegg was, “sporting a rather healthier head of hair with a hairline that seems to have shifted a tad further forward.” Looking at the pictures, the actor’s hairline does indeed appear to be somewhat fuller, particularly at the edges.

A classic case of a receding hairline

The type of hair loss experienced by Simon Pegg is known as Male Pattern Baldness, and this is far from a particularly serious case. The most visible element is his receding hairline and prominent widow’s peak, whereas some men his age (41) have already lost a good deal more hair and may have distinctive bald patches.

Male Pattern Baldness is the most common form of hair loss which affects men, and it has been estimated that roughly half of all men will experience it to some degree by the time they reach 50. It is a genetic hair loss condition, known scientifically as Androgenetic Alopecia, which can be inherited via either the maternal or paternal line.

Hair loss treatment

Two pharmaceutical products have been licensed for treating Male Pattern Baldness by the MHRA, and are regularly used in various formulations and doses, with added hair growth boosters, successfully by our hair loss experts here at The Belgravia Centre. To find out just how successful these treatments can be, check out our patient success stories - they are the largest collection of their kind in the world and demonstrate the exceptional results that can be achieved by the use of Belgravia's combination treatment programmes for hair loss.

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