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Hong Kong Scientists Map Anti-Ageing Formula


anti aging hair lossScientists in Hong Kong have claimed that they can delay the ageing process in mice, and hope to apply their theory to human ageing, too. If they manage to delay ageing in humans, this could have implications on how hair loss is treated, among many other things.

Their latest study results were published this month in the medical journal Cell Metabolism. This latest discovery builds on the group of scientist’s earlier discoveries following their studying of children with Progeria, a rare genetic disease that causes babies to age prematurely.

A Rare Disease

Progeria causes babies to experience symptoms we associate with old age, such as hair loss, a cessation in growth, wrinkled skin and a loss of body fat. They can also suffer from a build up of plaque in arteries that can lead to heart disease and stroke. Sadly, most sufferers will die before they reach the age of 20.

The research team determined that a mutation in the Lamin A protein (which lines the nucleus in human cells) disrupts the cell’s repair process, resulting in accelerated aging. However, they have now found that normal and healthy Lamin A binds to and activates the gene SIRT1, which scientists have long associated with longevity.

A Cure For Ageing?

Not only did the team discover the mutation which causes the premature ageing, they also believe that they can develop drugs that mimic Lamin A or increase the binding between Lamin A and SIRT1, providing a potential ‘cure’ for ageing, though of course, extensive testing will be required not only to establish whether ageing can be delayed in this manner, but also to look at side effects.

Even if the drugs one day do become available, slowing down the ageing process is not necessarily the answer to all hair loss woes. This is down to the fact that ageing is not the sole reason for hair loss, indeed, there can be many causes behind excess shedding. Although hair loss becomes increasingly likely as we age, other factors such as stress, sudden lifestyle changes, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal changes can all be underlying causes. However, it’s true that genetics is the biggest reason for hair loss, and our genetic pre-disposition to baldness combines with factors such as the levels of hormones in the body to trigger the onset of balding. So, due to these various causes of hair loss, it is unlikely that any one anti-ageing ‘cure’ can be effective, and a combined approach to hair loss treatment is recommended.

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