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Historical Hair Loss Treatments – Don’t Try This at Home!

Chicken for Hair Loss The Belgravia Centre

Could chickens hold the answer?? It seems not…

Hair loss appears to be a condition which has affected men and women since the dawn of time. The ancient Jews, Romans and Egyptians all record instances of hair loss and their remarkable remedies, most of which would have had no effect at all.

Here is our pick of some of the most interesting and unusual hair loss treatments from the past:

Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks were famed for their philosophy, art and even the foundation of modern medicine as a discipline, which is why their belief in the hair regrowth potential of chicken urine is particularly inexplicable!

It is believed that Hippocrates, who lends his name to the patient care oath taken by doctors today, was an advocate of chicken urine. However, history does not record what his wife thought of his hair loss treatment plan.

Likelihood of working?
None at all. But ancient Greek chickens would have been kept busy, as would their owners.

Ancient Rome

Julius Caesar was himself prone to hair loss, adopting a comb over to hide a bald spot on his crown. Rather than a side-to-side affair, Julius instead combed his hair forward from the back of his head and used a laurel wreath to hold the hairstyle in place.

Elsewhere, doctors and physicians were suggesting alternative treatments to their patients including the use of chicken dung, which was smeared into the scalp. The dung was thought to have healing powers which would cause hair to regrow naturally.

Likelihood of working?
Chicken dung contains no chemicals which would be beneficial to hair growth, so this treatment would have been completely useless.

Ancient China

Moving away from the somewhat foul use of fowl waste, the ancient Chinese believed that the secret to hair regrowth actually lay in the testicles of various farm animals. The genitalia was ground into a paste with other medicinal herbs and, yes, you guessed it, rubbed into the scalp.

Although this probably smelled (slightly) nicer than the Greek and Roman treatments, it is no more palatable!

Likelihood of working?
Again, nice try but no new hair.

Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Scientific method has managed to come up with a number of medically licensed and clinically proven treatments in the past few decades, which have been proven to promote natural hair regrowth. Fortunately, both Minoxidil and Propecia, which form the basis of most hair loss treatment plans from The Belgravia Centre, along with a number of different hair growth boosters and clinical services, are created in the laboratory without involving farm animals in any way!

Depending on the specific hair loss symptoms, patients may still need to apply lotions directly to their scalp, but can rest assured that these treatments are scientifically tested and really do work!

So whatever hair loss you may be experiencing, give our team a call today on 0800 077 6666 or contact us online to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with a real hair loss expert, or fill in our online diagnostic form for a remote diagnosis and a home use treatment programme sent to your door. We have hundreds of examples of patients who have regrown hair, and hope we can do the same for you too.

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