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‘High Forehead or Receding Hairline?’

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Name: Mark

Question: Hi I’m a 16 year old guy and I have a receding hairline. I’m extremely self conscious about it and try to use gel but that doesn’t work . My parents aren’t really helping saying “You have a high forehead is all”. But with people in school saying things I want a change. This would really boost my confidence I was wondering is it safe and am I too young? I’m a nice guy I just hate this about myself. I needed to get that out thanks.

High forehead maturing hairline teenage hair lossAnswer: Hi, Mark. At 16 years old you have time on your side even if you are experiencing hair loss so firstly – and we do appreciate that this is easier said than done – try not to worry about your hairline. Your hair has no bearing at all on whether or not you are a nice person and you are far more than just your hair. Try not to let this concern define you or affect your self-confidence.

It is entirely possible that you have a high forehead, as your parents suggest. A good example of someone with a high forehead is the Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston. This is not a type of hair loss and is simply where the hairline lies naturally. If you do not like where your hairline is positioned, a haircut that disguises this is a simple and effective solution. Talk openly to your hairdresser or barber about your concerns – they will be used to hearing this, it is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about – and see what ideas they have for hairstyles that will suit your face shape and draw attention away from your hairline.

Another possibility is that you have what’s known as a maturing hairline. This is something that young men experience during puberty and can be more noticeable in some than in others. As your body, including your face, starts to change, your hairline also tends to become more rounded. This change is often misdiagnosed by teenagers as a receding hairline but this is not actually the case.

A true receding hairline or widow’s peak is caused by genetic hair loss, commonly referred to as Male Pattern Baldness. It is often – but not always – accompanied by hair thinning elsewhere around the top of the head as this is the area affected by the condition. Whilst it can begin any time following puberty, MPB usually starts in a man’s twenties or even thirties. Premature hair loss is possible, however, as you are 16 we would recommend just keeping an eye on your hairline for now.

If over the next 12 months it continues to recede, or if the hair on the top of your head also begins to thin, then have a professional consultation. Then a hair loss specialist can assess you and provide a diagnosis of your condition as well as recommendations for a customised hair loss treatment course tailored to your needs. There are two pharmaceutical medications that are both clinically-proven for the treatment of male pattern hairloss. These are minoxidil and finasteride 1mg. As with any medications, there are potential side effects associated with their use, which are discussed with clients before they make any decision as to their treatment, but both are considered to be safe if used as directed. They have both been approved by both the UK and USA medical licensing boards – the MHRA and the FDA – and are currently the only pharmaceutical hair loss treatments with these approvals.

At Belgravia clients who are 16 years of age or over are eligible for minoxidil-based courses whereby topical applications of high strength minoxidil solution are applied directly to the scalp, where needed, once or twice per day as directed. This approach can be further augmented by the use of hair growth boosters, where appropriate. When you reach 18 years of age you also have the option of adding in a once-a-day pill of finasteride 1mg, although all this also depends on your general medical suitability. If this is something you feel cannot wait, you are very welcome to have a free consultation now if it would help to put your mind at rest, however – as before – at 16 years old, time is definitely on your side so there is no need to take any action immediately.

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