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Question: Can thin hair be reversed to thick volume? I didn’t have thin hair in the past but lately I’ve experienced extreme thinning… I don’t know why but it got thin all of a sudden.

Answer: Hi, Renny. You would need to see a specialist for a precise diagnosis as to what is causing your hair loss given we cannot provide this based solely on the information you have provided.

Sudden hair thinning is often caused by a temporary condition known as Telogen Effluvium. This is more common in women than men but can affect both genders. It causes diffuse hair loss all over the scalp and tends to occur around three months after a sudden shock or extremely stressful incident. Causes can also include extreme weight loss, dietary deficiencies, an underlying illness, or it can be a side effect of some prescription medications.

The hair falls out when this event throws the hair growth cycle out, prematurely sending some follicles into the shedding and resting phase, temporarily. This causes a drop in overall hair density. Once the cycle resumes normal service, the hair tends to grow back of its own accord within six months from the initial trigger but telogen effluvium treatment is also available to help accelerate this process.

If the shedding is located solely around the top of your scalp and/or around the hairline, especially the temples, it is more likely to be androgenetic alopecia - more commonly known as male or female pattern hair loss. This is a permanent, genetic condition which you inherit from your parents and which causes gradual thinning though it is not uncommon for people to not notice the early signs of hair loss associated with this condition, so its onset can feel more 'sudden' than it actually was.

There are clinically-proven hair loss treatments available to stabilise the hair fall and promote regrowth in cases of pattern hair loss, so depending on your diagnosis, this may be an option for you. Once you have had a professional assess you and confirm the cause of your hairloss, the specialist will recommend a customised treatment course to help restore your hair density, based on their findings and your medical suitability.

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