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‘Help Needed for Treating a Thinning Crown’


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Name: Himanshu

Question: Hi, I am Himanshu. I’m about 18 years old. I have noticed decrement in my hair density from top of my head and thinning at the crown but there is no receding hairline. I shed a lot of hair strands. My scalp is also very visible in exposure to sun and when wet. It really freaks me out. Plzzz help me…

* All my maternal uncles are bald and have different type of baldness patterns

Answer: Hi, Himanshu. If the hair loss is displaying as gradually thinning that is affecting areas around the top of the head only, especially if it is most noticeable at the crown, then this is most likely to be Male Pattern Baldness (MPB).

Your family history of genetic hair loss also backs this up, although it is not just the maternal side that can pass on the ‘balding gene’ – it is believed to be able to come from both sides although some research suggests it is actually fathers who pass the relevant DNA on.

It is possible to show signs of male hair loss without having a receding hairline. Shedding along your vertex – the top of the scalp – and a thinning crown – are common symptoms of this condition. Although it makes the follicles along the top of the scalp from hairline to crown and temples susceptible to the follicular miniaturisation effects of DHT, sometimes MPB can be restricted to one or some of these areas, at least for a time, rather than all at once. Given it is a permanent and progressive condition, other at-risk areas, such as the hairline in your case, may be affected later on.

However, this problem can often be dealt with by either or both of the only two MHRA licensed and FDA approved male pattern hair loss treatments. This approach can also be augmented with supplementary hair growth supporting products, if desired.

If you are at least 18 years of age then you meet the minimum age requirements for pharmaceutical hair loss treatment so you may want to explore this option. For further information we recommend having a consultation with a hair loss specialist who can  provide you with a diagnosis of your condition, personalised advice and appropriate treatment recommendations.

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