Help For an Itchy Crown and Hair Loss Following Emotional Trauma'

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Question: Please I need help…. I’ve been going through emotional trauma like four years ago and during that time I experience hair loss and my crown itches sometimes the all of my head and my hair comes out with white bulb on it… No bald spots, sometime I feel a bump like bone on my front hairline. It comes and goes… Even the itchiness comes and goes away, sometimes it goes for awhile then comes back… I use shampoo and hair cream especially anti-dandruff… Please help me

SebDerm sebhorrhoeic dermatitis scalp condition An example of sebhorrhoeic dermatitis


Hi, Maryam. We can't give a precise diagnosis of your scalp condition from what you say here alone. We would need to assess your scalp in order to tell you the precise issue and how to treat it ; also, if the hair fall you describe is an issue, our specialists can diagnose the cause of your hair loss at the same time.

From what you say here it could be sebhorrhoeic dermatitis which causes an itchy, flaky scalp with white scales forming over the scalp. It is the adult version of cradle cap in infants and stress can cause this largely genetic condition to flare up. We would need to examine your scalp in order to confirm this diagnosis, however. Many clients with scalp conditions find using Belgravia's medicated B4 shampoo can help and provide relief. This is available to purchase for non-clients also.

In terms of experiencing hairloss, emotional trauma can cause a drain on your system. This stress can cause hair loss. It usually takes the form of thinning hair which sheds diffusely from all over the scalp, rather than from one specific area. In cases lasting six months of less this is known as Telogen Effluvium and in cases lasting more than six months, this is known as Chronic Telogen Effluvium, sometimes also referred to as 'Diffuse Thinning'. Whilst both of these should clear up naturally once the underlying cause or trigger has been successfully dealt with, there is effective treatment available to help speed this process along.

Should these be the issues affecting you then you will be pleased to hear that these can generally be treated and managed with the help of a specialist. To ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis and the relevant treatment recommendations we would advise you to arrange a free consultation either in person at one of our hair loss clinics in Central London or the City of London, or - if you live outside London or abroad - by completing our quick online consultation form. This latter option will allow you to upload photographs of your hair and scalp which we would greatly appreciate in your case in order to further inform your diagnoses.

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