Helen Flanagan Reveals Hair Loss From Extensions

Actress and model, Helen Flanagan has been spotted with patches of hair loss, thought to be caused by hair extensions.

The former Coronation Street star's thinning hair was spotted whilst she was out and about in Manchester but she has since taken to covering her hair loss with beanie hats.

Helen Flanagan Shows Hair Loss Thought to be Caused By Hair Extensions

Possible causes of Helen's hair loss

As someone who likes to change her hairstyle often, and frequently uses long extensions to increase volume, Traction Alopecia caused by the over-use of hair extensions seems to be the most likely cause of Helen's hair loss.

However, the 23 year old's general thinning could also be a sign of Telogen Effluvium, a stress-related hairloss condition which causes diffuse thinning across the scalp. This can take around three months after the initial trigger incident, to appear. As Helen has spoken openly about her battles with depression and anxiety, this could also be behind her shedding.

Another possible cause of the type of hair loss Helen displays is female hair loss. A recent survey concluded that women are starting to lose their hair earlier now, with more starting to lose their hair in their 20's than ever before.

Reversing the damage to her hair

The first step in reversing Helen's complaint would be for her to seek expert hair loss advice from a professional who could properly diagnose her condition or conditions, as it is possible for hair loss to have a number of causes. They would then be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment programme for her specific hair loss, whether it is to reverse damage from hair extensions, female hair loss or telogen effluvium.

The MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved treatment, Minoxidil would form the pharmaceutical basis of any comprehensive hair loss treatment programme as this has been medically-proven to treat female hair loss and has also had significant success in treating other hair loss conditions, for both men and women.

In terms of other lifestyle changes that could help Helen's hair loss, ditching the hair extensions so that there is less tension on her hair follicles, allowing them time to recouperate, would be the first step, as would checking that her diet contains enough of the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth, and trying to keep her stress levels under control.

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