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Has LeBron James Had Hair Loss Treatment?


American basketball superstar, LeBron James is currently the subject of some intense media and fan speculation about the formerly balding sports star’s significant hair regrowth.

LeBron shows off restored hairline

The legendary Cleveland Cavaliers forward, who was name-checked by Jay-Z in ‘Empire State of Mind’, has always tended to sport a closely-cropped or shaved head. When his dark regrowth came through, it would clearly display signs of male pattern baldness, most notably a receding hairline which he often covered with a sweatband on the court.

Yet this week, as the 6ft 8 in star started promotion for the release of his latest Nike collaboration, the LeBron 12 shoe, James had a noticeably defined hairline, with a good, thick crop of hair worn longer than in previous years. But how did he do it? Continues below…

Has LeBron James Had Hair Loss Treatment to Restore his Hairline?

How did LeBron grow his hair back?

Speculation is rife as to how four time winner of the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, LeBron regrew his hair. There are two camps clearly emerging in the debate: those who think James had a hair transplant, and those who believe LeBron must have used hair loss treatments to restore his hairline.

Whilst it is hard to tell exactly how the 29 year old athlete has chosen to combat his hair loss, the dramatic regrowth suggests he may have considered hair transplant surgery. However, if he managed to catch it early enough, before his shedding became actual baldness (smooth and shiny in appearance), LeBron’s regrowth could also be the result of following an on-going comprehensive hair loss treatment plan. Even for those considering a surgical hair restoration procedure, it is recommended that they follow a pharmaceutical hair loss programme for three months prior to any surgery. Continues below…

Treating male hair loss in sportsmen

There are only two clinically-proven, MHRA licensed and FDA approved treatments for male pattern hair loss – one oral, one topical – and both can be taken by medically-suitable sportsmen. Whilst the DHT-blocking tablet was a banned substance within professional sports many years ago, it was cleared by the World Anti-Doping Agency at the start of 2009.

However he did it, the baller’s hair is looking fantastic and compliments his new look; James reportedly lost almost 10lbs after following a carb-free diet over the Summer.

Whether you are a professional athlete or not, if you have hair loss similar to LeBron James and would like to try to restore your hairline to its former glory, it is best to seek professional advice from a hair loss specialist. Following a consultation, they will be able to diagnose your condition, assess your level and pattern of shedding and recommend appropriate hair loss solutions based on their findings and your medical profile.

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