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Has Gary’s Hair got It’s X Factor Back?

Gary Barlow Now and Then The Belgravia Centre

Could it be magic? Gary @ X Factor Bootcamp in July this year, and right, at the National Television Awards 2011

Whilst arriving at the X Factor bootcamp in Liverpool recently, Gary Barlow’s hair was briefly the center of attention. Although Gary’s hairline is clearly receding, the bald patch which attracted so much attention during the last season of the X Factor appears to have disappeared completely.

Last year, Barlow suggested that the pressure of falling viewing figures and the controversial antics of his protégé Frankie Cocozza were turning his hair grey, although photographs suggest it was falling out, rather than changing colour.

At the time, fellow judge Louis Walsh joked that he had passed the contact of his hair transplant surgeon to Barlow, suggesting he undergo a similar procedure to correct his hair loss. However Barlow’s spokesman flatly denied that there had been any form of hair replacement treatment, stating “Absolutely not.”

The inference made by the press is that the bald patch is now being hidden by clever hair styling.

Hair replacement or hair regrowth?

From his recent X Factor appearances, it would seem that Gary Barlow is keen to maintain the impression that he has done nothing permanent or restorative regarding his hair, but the choice of words used by his spokesperson suggest that maybe the situation is not as clear cut as he would have us believe.

A hair transplant operation would be classified as a hair replacement treatment, whilst the use of medically proven medications would instead be described as a hair regrowth treatment. Like many patients of The Belgravia Centre, Barlow could have therefore been using a treatment programme in order to stabilise his hair loss and regrow some of the hair he had lost.

Treating Male Pattern Baldness

As The Belgravia Centre suggested when covering Gary Barlow’s hair previously, treating Male Pattern Baldness with medication can be much simpler and cost effective than undergoing a transplant operation. The results are also much more subtle than the sudden reappearance of hair following a follicular replacement procedure, but in many cases just as dramatic in the end.

As part of a properly tailored treatment plan, Gary Barlow (or any other man experiencing hair loss through male pattern balding) could instigate natural hair regrowth using medications such as Minoxidil or Propecia. Coupled with our Hair Growth Boosters such as the additives added to our minoxidil formulations, Hair Vitalics dietary supplement and the FDA-cleared Laser Comb, The Belgravia Centre has a proven track record of preventing hair loss and promoting natural regrowth.

Get proactive

Whether hair loss has become obvious, as was the case with Gary Barlow last year, or can be hidden with careful hair styling, the sooner professional assistance is sought, the sooner natural hair regrowth can resume. All of the treatment plans created by The Belgravia Centre work best when implemented as soon as possible.

To get your own treatment plan started, and hair regrowth under way, call us today on 0800 077 6666 or contact us online to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our hair loss experts. You too could be on your way to a new thicker, fuller head of hair.

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