fbpx Harry Styles Cuts His Hair For Children’s Hair Loss Charity
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Harry Styles Cuts His Hair For Children’s Hair Loss Charity


One Direction star Harry Styles has seemingly confirmed rumours that he was going to cut off his long hair to donate to charity.

Although the singer has not yet been photographed with his new hairstyle, he posted a picture of his hand holding a lopped ponytail to his Instagram account using the hashtag ‘littleprincesstrust’, which reached 1 million likes in just five hours.

The Little Princess Trust is a much-loved charity which uses hair donations to provide real-hair wigs to children with hair loss.Harry Styles Cuts Hair Off to Donate to Little Princess Trust

Part of ‘Hair to Spare’ campaign

We first reported that Styles was thought to be growing his hair in order to donate it to this special charity back in December 2015.

The 22 year old looks to have finally gone through with it, much to the disappointment of some of his fans who expressed their disappointment on Twitter causing ‘#RIPHarrysHair’ to trend for hours.

Harry’s donation comes as part of the Little Princess Trust’s ‘Hair to Spare’ campaign in celebration of its 10 year anniversary.

A statement on the charity’s website says, ‘We are grateful to ALL supporters who support the charity. However Harry’s global superstar status will help raise the profile of the Trust and will mean that we can help even more children who are experiencing hair loss.’

Helping children with hair loss

Conditions such as Alopecia Areata and the side effects of chemotherapy can cause hair loss in children which cannot be treated in the same way as when these occur in adults. Hair loss treatments are generally only suitable for those aged 16 and over, so children can have a much harder time coming to terms with losing their hair – especially when it is so visible to others.

Luckily Little Princess Trust uses kind donations of both hair and money to produce real hair wigs for children which are provided free of charge to those in need. There are certain criteria anyone wishing to donate their hair to the charity must meet in order to maintain the quality of the wigs – such as donating it tied together as per Harry’s picture – but if people are unable to donate hair, money is always welcome too!

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