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Harrison Ford Goes Bald for Film Role

A photo emerged at the end of last month of a totally bald Harrison Ford. For a man who has just celebrated his 70th birthday, a thinning crown would not be unexpected, but his total lack of hair came a surprise to many of his fans.

However, Ford’s dramatic new style is reportedly part of his look for an upcoming movie, and is not thought to be the result of a hair loss condition.

Presumed innocent

Ford’s usual look is a remarkably full head of grey hair, which has led to many of his female followers referring to him as the ‘Silver Fox’. Ford himself, however, appears to be less thrilled by the colour of his hair, having recently dyed it a shade of auburn reminiscent of his youth.

Despite his recent display of baldness, Ford’s usual style suggests that he has actually experienced very little shedding as he has aged, apart from a slight receding hairline. Statistically, nearly three-quarters of men Ford’s age will have experienced some form of hair loss, but it would appear that he is one of the minority of men that have managed to avoid male pattern balding or similar conditions.

However, his remarkable head of hair raises the question of whether he has been taking steps to prevent hair loss.

What lies beneath

One of the lesser-known facts about hair loss is that not only are many conditions inherently treatable, but that by starting treatment early, natural hair regrowth can begin before the loss is noticed by others.

Harrison Ford is a notoriously private person, keeping his personal life well out of view, so it is possible that he has undergone treatment for hair loss, either through medication or some form of restorative surgery. However, if Ford had opted for the latter, his fans would have quickly noted a dramatic (and unnatural) regrowth of hair, whereas his hair growth seems to be steady.

If Ford is completing a hair loss treatment programme, it is far more likely that he is taking one of the clinically proven medications which can be used to treat receding hairlines, patchy hair loss or male pattern baldness – Minoxidil and Propecia. Both formulas have been shown to prevent hair loss and promote natural hair regrowth, and have obtained full clearance by the relevant health regulation authorities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Witness the transformation

Whether or not Ford has experienced any organic hair loss or undergone treatment remains a matter of his discretion, but any man or woman concerned about hair loss would be best advised to seek advice from a qualified hair loss expert.

The Belgravia Centre assists men and women experiencing hair loss through all manner of conditions, using proven methods including specially produced formulations of Minoxidil, Propecia and a number of important hair growth boosters. Our services are open to all and our collection of hair loss success stories is proof of the exceptional results so many patients see!

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