Celebrity Hairstylist Ordered To Pay Damages For Client's Hair Loss

The Philippine Daily Inquirer recently reported that country’s Court of Appeals has ordered celebrity stylist Ricky Reyes and one of his employees, Jane Lopez, to pay a customer P120,000 (£1580) in damages for allegedly causing a client’s hair loss and breakage. Maria Lourdes Hernandez sued Reyes and Lopez after a hair relaxing session in one of Reye’s salons in June 2000.

A Hairstylist Has Been Ordered To Pay Damages For Client's Hair LossHernandez said despite complaining of a burning sensation on her scalp during the hair relaxing session, Lopez continued to apply a second bottle of hair relaxing formula. Hernandez claims she experienced immediate hair loss and breakage. She saw her doctor who told her that it was a direct result of chemical contact and “possibly the hair relaxer applied on Hernandez’s scalp”.

The case was dismissed in 2007 for insufficient evidence. Hernandez appealed and the decision was reviewed. The appeal court said the evidence was now considered strong enough to find Reyes and Lopez liable, and ordered the pair to pay Hernandez P4,681 in actual damages, P50,000 in moral damages, P20,000 in exemplary damages and P50,000 in attorney’s fees, or a total of P124,681 (£1580).

Excessive tension on hair can easily lead to hair breakage and hair loss. This is called traction alopecia and can be caused by hair extensions, braiding, weaving, wearing tight ponytails and overstyling. Often, if the hair is allowed to recover, it will re-grow on its own, however sometimes it can cause severe damage, as in the case of Hernandez.

For such cases it may be possible to use proven hair loss treatments, combined with hair growth boosters, to restore a healthy hair growth cycle.

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