HairMax LaserComb on Dark Brown or Black Skin

HairMax LaserComb

We receive a lot of questions from those who read the booklet that comes with the HairMax LaserComb, about its effectiveness on skin types 5 (dark / middle-eastern skin) and 6 (black skin). The booklet states that the comb has not been tested on these skin types.

"it works fine on all skin tones and hair types"

The Belgravia Centre

has been in contact with Randy Veliky, director of clinical research at HairMax, to ask if the LaserComb can be used on such skin types. Randy told us, "We did not test it on dark skin because it was too difficult to count the dark hairs on the dark skin. It works just fine on all skin tones and hair types. We have many African / dark skinned customers that see very positive results. We find it works especially well on traction alopecia from afro styles that are braided too tightly."

As hair loss is caused by the same biological mechanisms in people of all skin types, the effectiveness of the HairMax LaserComb (and other clinically proven treatments) should not differ between them. Below you can view the Fitzpatrick skin type classification guide (found in the booklet) for the HairMax LaserComb.

LaserComb Fitzpatrick Skin Classification Guide

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