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HairMax LaserComb – FDA cleared for hair growth or just safety?

We recently received a blog comment in response to one of our articles questioning the efficacy of the LaserComb and implying that the device’s ‘FDA clearance’ only refers to the safety of the device. After carrying out some research, it seems this is a common perception amongst the general public. So I contacted my good friend Randy Veliky, Chief Operations Officer at HairMax, to clear this issue up once and for all. Here’s what he told me:

“The HairMax is cleared for efficacy. We had to conduct clinical studies to demonstrate to the FDA that the product really grew hair”.

There is a page related specifically to this topic on the HairMax website, here it is – LaserComb Clearance.

So you see, the FDA required results of a strict clinical study in order to clear the LaserComb for hair loss prevention.

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7th November, 2010 at 10:11 pm


I been dealing with hair loss since 2004 . It's been having this problem with loss as far as my hair line and the whole right side around my ear to hair line to the end of my neck . It started on the other side of my head on left side on that cut off all my hair that I wear wigs . I just want to see doctor to see my condtion . I had to cut off my hair to see my scalp . I have no hair growing on left side at all or have no hair line . I have small select starting on right side by my ear . Its smooth and no sign of hair in bald part . I wish to send in a picture to show . I need help to get my hair back please . Healthly and strong .

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