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Hairgen Range For Hair Thinning Has 6,000 Waiting List on Boots.com

hairgen hair loss treatmentA new £70 hair loss product range that promises to stop hair thinning has a 6,000 people strong waiting list on the Boots website. The three-treatment Hairgen range, which includes a shampoo, a spray, and a supplement, claims to work by limiting the effect of dihydrotesterone, the hormone responsible for genetic hair loss, which is found in hair follicles.

The treatment was originally launched in June and sold out in a few days. The active ingredient in the product is saw palmetto, a plant extract that some believe can block DHT when applied locally, although it is yet to be licensed or approved by the medical regulatory bodies in the UK or US (the MHRA and the FDA) to this effect.

Does Blocking DHT Always Help?

Anna Britton, Managing Director of Concept Healthcare, the company behind Hairgen, said: “Our three-step system contains topical treatments and nourishing capsules that have been developed to slow down the production of the major hormone dihydrotestosterone  associated with hair loss, effectively protecting and stimulating the follicles and keeping them in optimum health.”

Concept Healthcare are yet to publish a clinical study to support the claims of effectiveness, however. It is also important to point out that whilst DHT plays a role in 95% of hair loss in men, hair loss in women tends to be more complicated, and less to do with DHT.

If your hair loss is not just concentrated on the top of your head, your thinning is probably not due to DHT. It’s also worth pointing out that no topical DHT blocker has ever been clinically proven and authorised for sale, although the oral tablet Propecia is clinically proven for treating male pattern hair loss.

Women’s Hair Loss Causes

So, for women experiencing all-over thinning, it may be that they’re experiencing hair loss due to telogen effluvium. This should be short term, and is caused by a variety of things, including child birth, severe emotional stress, dieting drugs and beginning or ceasing to take the birth control pill. If hair loss has not recovered after several months, a hair loss treatment plan that contains the only hair loss medication suitable for women, minoxidil, can help.

In order to establish the cause of your hair loss if you’re a woman, blood tests should be done to rule out thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies and other possible causes of diffuse hair loss that can be picked up relatively easily. Blocking DHT will not treat hair loss for these reasons because it is not the cause, but dealing with the underlying issue should help regrow hair.

Different Factors in Genetic Hair Loss

If hair loss is on the top of the head, female pattern hair loss is probably to blame. Minoxidil can help to regrow hair loss for this reason, and a high strength minoxidil cream, unique to Belgravia, can help particularly stubborn cases. Whilst DHT may play a part in female pattern hair loss, this varies from case to case, and hormones and ageing can also be factors.

At Belgravia we have treated many cases of female hair loss, and our hair loss experts are used to diagnosing women with a variety of different causes and combinations of causes, once a blood test has rules out certain possibilities.  A women’s hair loss treatment plan contains not just minoxidil but a variety of hair growth boosters, which are not proven for hair loss but can boost the hair’s condition and potentially speed up and improve regrowth.

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