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#Hairgate: Is the iPhone 6 Causing Hair Loss?


You may have noticed the #hairgate hashtag trending on Twitter, as iPhone 6 users claim the latest Apple mobile phone is ‘ripping out’ their hair.

The story has really taken off, with major publications including Time and The Independent publishing their own take on it. It seems there’s no truth in the matter though, and it all stems back to a post published on a popular Apple users site, the ‘9to5Mac’ website, where a user claimed their hair got caught “in the seam between the glass and aluminium” and that it hurt when they tried to free it.

iPhone 6 space grey - hairgate users claim mobile phone causes hair lossUrban myth

In reality, there is no significant gap between the aforementioned glass and aluminium on the iPhone 6. The glass front panel is fused to the aluminium, with the tiny gap too narrow for human hair to be caught, although some bearded Twitter users claim that it can catch facial hair. Even if users were experiencing hair loss caused by the iPhone 6, it would be temporary and similar to breakage and styling damage caused everyday by brushing, using a hairdryer etc. It wouldn’t result in noticeable thinning or patches of hair loss, so there’s no cause for concern if you’ve recently invested in Apple’s latest model.

Keep your hair strong

Anyone concerned about the #hairgate issue can help to keep their hair strong and healthy by ensuring they eat a well-balanced diet packed with the vitamins and minerals hair needs to stay healthy. Taking a supplement such as Hair Vitalics can also help to protect hair from styling damage by keeping it strong.

Don’t blame it on Apple

If you’re experiencing hair loss, unfortunately you can’t use #hairgate as a cover – ‘the phone ate my hair’ excuse just won’t wash! Genetic hair loss is responsible for the majority of cases of unwanted baldness, and there are plenty of other factors which could be contributing to your shedding, such as stress, a change of diet or even a medical condition such as iron-deficiency anaemia. So don’t jump to conclusions and blame the new iPhone 6 if you’re noticing signs of hair loss – there could be any number of factors at play.

If you’re noticing patchy hair loss, thinning hair or are concerned about your hair in any way, it’s always best to see a hair loss specialist as soon as possible, to get to the root of the issue. They’ll be able to identify what is causing your hair loss and recommend a personalised treatment plan designed to prevent further hair loss and help restore your hair to its former glory.

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