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Hair Loss Is Treatable As Long As You Act Early

For the people it affects, hair loss is a big problem. The great news is, nowadays there’s usually a way to stop it. At the Belgravia Centre, we successfully treat thousands of people with hair loss every year.

The most common condition we see is male pattern baldness which is the result of inheriting hair follicles that are sensitive to testosterone. Unsurprisingly, the equivalent for women is called female pattern hair loss. It has the same cause but looks slightly different… where men have a receding hairline and bald spot, usually ending in complete baldness on the top of the head, women get thinning hair over the top of the head that will not usually result in complete baldness, just loss of hair density.

The third of our top-three hair loss conditions is alopecia areata which presents as the loss of hair in patches. Affecting about one in a thousand people, it is possible that it might just go away, or it could progress. It’s classed as an auto-immune issue, but no-one’s quite got to the bottom of this one.

The problem with hair loss treatment is a legacy image from the seventies and eighties when many remedies weren’t remedies at all, and unscrupulous clinics were regularly exposed in the media. What’s changed is partly that men are less embarrassed about grooming and wanting to look their best so these things get talked about more, but most importantly, there are effective treatments available… the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA approves drugs including hair loss treatments to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

There are currently just two FDA-approved hair loss drugs. Minoxidil (approved for both men and women) promotes increased blood supply to the scalp, whereas Propecia (only approved for men) stops testosterone affecting the hair follicles. Having treated thousands of cases every year, Belgravia finds the most effective treatment programme is usually a combination of these drugs with a number of additional therapies.

No single drug or treatment works as well as a combined programme that addresses every cause and mechanism we can. How can we do that but remain affordable? We have our own pharmacy, and we only prescribe treatments that work. Plus, we at the Belgravia Centre continually monitor each of our clients with HAIR LOSS PHOTO-SCANS so we can assess progress and make adjustments as necessary.

Belgravia Centre Photo-Scan Hair Loss Photo-Scan Hair Loss Photo-Scan
Month 1                             Month 4                             Month 7
All of the Belgravia’s patients that visit the London centre are
monitored with hair growth photos – click on a photo to see hundreds
more or take a look at our HAIR LOSS SUCCESS STORIES.

For many hair loss treatment programmes we provide a free FDA-cleared laser comb or a free 12 month supply of HAIR VITALICS (for a limited period), and we also provide a number of helpful additional in-clinic services such as in-house and home-use scalp treatments.

For those who can get into London, the Belgravia Centre offers a full hair loss treatment service. For the many who can’t, we also offer online diagnosis and treatment by post with our ONLINE DIAGNOSTIC FORM.

The problem we see most often is that people don’t believe it’s possible to do anything much about thinning hair, a receding hairline, bald spots and so on. Those beliefs are now out of date. Today there are modern, approved, effective treatments for hair loss. We have the world’s largest collection of ‘before and during treatment’ HAIR GROWTH PHOTOS as proof of this. The main message is to act early – hair loss can often be stopped and possibly reversed, however once an area is completely bald it becomes much more difficult to treat. So our advice is to act quickly.

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