Hair Vitalics – New Hair Growth Supplements For Men and Women

Following extensive research by Belgravia's hair experts, key components have been identified and the very best ingredients sourced, to provide a unique and superior food supplement for healthy hair growth.

Belgravia has developed its exclusive Hair Vitalics hair growth supplements to help both men and women to maximise their hair's potential.

Highly-targeted hair growth supplements formulated by experts

Hair Vitalics for men hair growth supplement from The Belgravia Centre London

Belgravia first developed its original Hair Vitalics over 10 years ago as part of its range of hair growth boosters which often accompany the personalised hair loss treatment courses the clinic is renowned for. The unisex product quickly established itself as a firm favourite amongst people experiencing hair loss.

Since then, Belgravia's team of hair growth experts has carried out on-going research and collected feedback from clients. This has resulted in two newly improved formulas - Hair Vitalics for Men and Hair Vitalics for Women - which replace the original single product.

The new formulas have been tailored respectively towards men and women, and contain concentrated ingredients specifically aimed at improving or maintaining healthy hair growth.

Belgravia's superintendent pharmacist prescriber and hair growth specialist, Christina Chikaher, explains "Whilst maintaining the key ingredients from the original Hair Vitalics formulation, these new food supplements both now contain additional, important elements. The base of each tablet's makeup now has added Selenium, Vitamin D3, Iodine, Copper and a powerful antioxidant containing proanthocyanidins. These all contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair growth and, in the case of copper, can also contribute to helping the hair keep its natural colour." Continues below...

In a 2016 survey, 9 out of 10 regular Hair Vitalics
users said that it had benefited their hair and that
they would recommend it to a friend*


Effective one-a-day tablet for men and women

Hair Vitalics for women hair growth food supplement The Belgravia Centre London

In addition to the improved base formulation for both Hair Vitalics products, each individual option now contains added ingredients tailored to the needs of men or women.

"We have identified ingredients and strengths which are more suitable for women and men respectively," reveals Christina. "Hair Vitalics for Men contains Saw Palmetto which is thought to be a natural 5 alpha reductase inhibitor, whilst Hair Vitalics for Women contains soy isoflavones. These are plant-derived compounds with oestrogenic activity which studies have shown can reduce serum DHT."

Another improvement made in response to client feedback concerns the smell of the tablets.

Hair Vitalics contains ingredients which are high in sulphur and caused the strong smell in our old product, which was packed in a tub without any separation between tablets. Now that the tablets are packed in blister packing and removable one at a time, no smell is released.

Furthermore, due to these changes, the sugar coating has been removed, making the tablets not only much smaller than before, but you can now get all these powerful nutrients packed conveniently into just one tablet per day!

A 12 month supply of the appropriate choice of Hair Vitalics is often included half price within Belgravia's annual hair loss treatment courses, but they are also available to be purchased separately. The price for Hair Vitalics as a standalone product, which can be purchased via directly, is £25 postage for a one month supply, or discounts are provided for purchasing multiple boxes. You can also purchase Hair Vitalics from the Belgravia Centre as part of a Belgravia treatment course for hair loss. Find out more by clicking on the relevant link below...


* Findings of a survey of 71 regular Hair Vitalics users which was carried out in November 2016

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