Hair Trends of 2013 – Will They Cause Hair Loss?

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As fashion week continues, we're looking back to the Spring/Summer shows and taking a look at all the latest hair styles to try! That said, it’s important that you don’t do it at the expense of your hair health. There’s no need to panic our guide will show you how to try out these trends carefully and keep your locks in tip-top condition.

Intricate Up-dos

Gone are the days of the easy, messy bun! For the upcoming season, it’s all about plaiting, twisting and braiding 2013 is officially the year of the intricate up-dos. These styles were seen on the catwalks of big name designers such as Marchesa and Jason Wu, and are a fantastic choice for events where you want to showcase something special. However, from a hair loss perspective, it’s not advisable to choose these styles for everyday wear.

The detailed braids and tight tying could add unnecessary tension to your scalp, and if you subject your locks to this kind of stress on a regular basis, it could lead to a hair loss condition known as Traction Alopecia that often requires a high strength minoxidil cream to treat it. This occurs where excessive amounts of tension on the hair shafts cause damage to the follicle and causes hair growth to slow or even stop altogether. Save this style for special occasions and your hair should remain intact.

Low Ponytails

The classic ponytail is another style that’s getting something of a makeover in 2013. Celebrity hairdresser Ted Gibson, favoured stylist of Angelina Jolie, explains that it’s all about positioning: “If you have it too high, it tends to be very cheerleader,” he says. “The lower ponytail is more sophisticated but tends to be a little older.” The good news for fans of the low ponytail is that it will put less stress on your tresses than its higher, tightly scraped counterpart, but it’s still important to have “hair holidays” and wear your hair down from time to time, to give the follicles a chance to relax.

Messy Waves

Everyone from Isabel Marant to Calvin Klein was showcasing natural, messy waves on their Spring/Summer catwalks it’s a versatile style that is easy to achieve and will suit all face shapes. Embracing your natural hairstyle isn’t just a simple, low maintenance option it’s also great for the health of your hair. The fact that this trend can be worn regardless of length means that there’s no need for the heavy, tension causing extensions that have caused thinning hair in celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Katie Price.

The Pixie Crop

This trend has been floating around for several years now, but with starlets such as Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway sporting the look at the moment, it looks like close cut pixie crops are here to stay. Pixie crops are a great way to give your hair a fresh start and chop off any existing damage that has resulted from harsh styling or extension use. Plus, when you’re ready to grow your crop out, you should be rewarded with a thick, healthy head of hair that you can style however you wish.

Not Beyond Repair

If you’ve been styling your hair for quite some time and have noticed that your hair is thinning or receding, it’s not too late. The first step is always to remove the cause of tension from your hair, but when it’s caught early enough, Traction Alopecia can then usually be treated with a bespoke hair loss treatment plan. For more information, get in touch with The Belgravia Centre today.

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