Hair Transplants - The Rooney Effect

Wayne Rooney at Aintree 2012 The Belgravia Centre Wayne Rooney and his new look: At Aintree Races 2012

Wayne Rooney’s highly publicised hair transplant operation

has been covered many times previously on The Belgravia Centre blog, but the cultural impact of the event continues to reverberate across the UK. One year after the tweeted pictures of a newly implanted scalp, hair transplant clinics across the Manchester region are experiencing an unprecedented demand from men seeking a similar resolution to their own receding hairline issues.

So desperate are balding Mancunians that one clinic now has a five month waiting list for men who want to undergo surgical treatment for their hair loss conditions. This incredible statistic reveals two things. Firstly, men are keen to restore their thinning hair. Secondly, there is insufficient surgical capacity for everyone to be seen and commence treatment immediately.

What options are available to balding men in Manchester?

It is a well-known fact that hair loss treatments have the greatest effect when used as soon as possible. The initial five month delay men at these clinics are being asked to submit to will no doubt see their hairlines recede further whilst they wait.

Fortunately, The Belgravia Centre offer very successful hair loss treatment options which do not involve surgical intervention and can in many cases be just as effective, or even more so. What's more, the treatments that are used will need to be used post-transplant to maintain the 'old' hair that is still susceptible to hair loss so it is always advised that these are tried before as they may result in similar, or superior results. To see the kind of results that can be expected view our gallery of hundreds of success stories, or our Faceboook Page.

Amazing Hair Loss Treatment Before After Photos This is a patient that used one of Belgravia's combination treatment courses for hair loss. This treatment course consisted of medically proven treatments and hair growth boosters, and did not involve a hair transplant or any surgery at all. Although not all patients will achieve this level of regrowth, many do experience varying degrees of hair regrowth. Click on the photo to view our gallery of hundreds of success stories to get a better idea of the general results our treatment programmes achieve for patients.

In the specific case of treatment plans created by The Belgravia Centre, medications and complementary therapies can be sent by post. Although all of our clients are more than welcome to visit our London based clinic, we understand that people from various ends of the country may want to undergo one of our treatment programmes - which is why we’ve made it possible for diagnosis and treatment plan creation to be undertaken remotely.

By completing our online diagnostic form, men who are a significant distance away from London can begin treatment immediately without having to travel, and by commencing treatment immediately, further hair loss can also be halted before it gets any worse.

Not just medications

The Belgravia Centre specialises in creating personalised treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each client (male or female), even those who take advantage of our mail order service. A qualified hair loss expert carefully considers each person’s specific needs before treatment begins, and then formulates a plan which gives the client the very best chance of natural hair regrowth. So why not save yourself a five month wait and get your hair loss treatment underway today? No surgery, no pain, and no waiting list! If you’d like to know more about the hair loss treatment options that we have available, contact us online or call 0800 077 6666 to book an appointment, or complete our online diagnostic form for a home-use treatment course anywhere in the UK!

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