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Hair Transplant Champion James Nesbitt Accused of Wearing Wig

Irish actor James Nesbitt’s struggles with baldness have been well documented: the Hobbit star has even publicly stated that concerns about his hair loss have been “practically an obsession” and that he has worried his thinning locks could derail his career.

To try and bring back the hair he lost to the genetic condition Male Pattern Baldness, Nesbitt has had not one but two hair transplants and for some years seemed to be sporting a full head of hair. But a recent appearance at a major football gala (FIFA’s Ballon d’Or) suggests a rather dramatic change of tack.

James Nesbitt at the Ballon d'OrHair-raising new look

Instead of the greying, inch-long, wiry crew cut he typically sports, James Nesbitt took to the stage as the event’s host with what looked like an entirely new head of hair.

Commentators on Twitter, as well as in the media, remarked on its dark, solid colour, the new length complete with a fringe which allowed him to wear it longer in the front with a neat side parting, but mostly what was frequently described as its ‘wig-like’ appearance.

The difference between his hairstyle at the Ballon d’Or and the one he was sporting a short time earlier on the Graham Norton Show (pictured below) is remarkable. Whilst his appearance on the chat show a week before the Ballon D’Or did reveal a thinning crown, his hair was a world away from his awards style, pictured here.

A number of newspapers covering the awards gala ran headlines claiming that despite the cream of the international footballing crop being present it was actually Nesbitt’s hair that stole the limelight.

The Daily Telegraph was just one of many who certainly noticed the difference and stated that, while it was meant to be a showdown between two of the world’s greatest players (Messi Vs Ronaldo), “this year’s Ballon d’Or gala will probably be remembered for the contribution of a 50-year-old actor from Northern Ireland.”

James Nesbitt on Graham Norton Show January 2016Two hair transplants

It could be that after two hair transplants the actor was looking for a non-surgical way to add some length and fullness to his locks. Hair restoration surgery often does not offer a permanent fix for genetic baldness as the underlying cause of male hair loss remains.

While many people who have had hair transplants are often initially delighted with their new look once their new hair starts growing, they quickly realise that in order to preserve their hair a proactive approach is needed. The most obvious solution is a bespoke hair loss treatment course; indeed hair restoration surgeons tend to recommend following just such a course of clinically-proven components for a minimum of six months prior to and on an on-going basis after having a transplant.

A combination of Finasteride 1mg and Minoxidil can help halt hair loss and also encourage regrowth. This can make it easier for the surgeon to work with the hair during the initial operation as well as helping to maintain the results afterwards – in some cases they can also produce such significant regrowth results that surgery is no longer needed. Nesbitt has previously stated that he uses both products, “to improve the quality of my hair and to prevent further hair loss“.

Cold Feet?

In addition to the length and colour, photographs appear to show an apparent change in the texture of James Nesbitt’s hair which looks thicker and smoother than his normally wiry hair. Chemical dyes can certainly change the hair’s texture, and there is always the possibility that the star used a hairpiece which, combined with the darker colour would offer him full coverage and enhanced volume under the stage lights.

Lucky Man and Cold FeetThe burning question fans and journalists seem keen to know the answer to, however, is: why the change? Maybe he just thought he’d try something new, though one of the most likely reasons is that his dramatic new do is for an acting role.

Nesbitt is currently promoting the forthcoming Stan Lee TV series ‘Lucky Man’ in which he plays the lead, although trailers show his hairstyle hardly differs from his usual cut, just slightly fuller-looking. This could be achieved using any number of cosmetic styling tricks and would not require any other type of intervention.

As filming is due to start on the new series of Cold Feet in a few weeks, where Nesbitt is set to reprise his role as Adam Williams, perhaps the new look gives us a glimpse into Adam’s future. Hair and makeup tests generally take place weeks-to-months before filming depending on the complexity involved. The award-winning show, which was a worldwide hit, ran from 1997 to 2003 and its comeback is rumoured to follow the characters in the present day rather than taking up from where it left off almost 13 years ago.

As James Nesbitt is keeping quiet on this hairy subject we may have to wait until Spring, when Cold Feet is scheduled to air, to find out the real reason behind his new look. If you are experiencing thinning hair and want advice on how to deal with it, contact a hair loss specialist who can diagnose your condition and take you through personalised male hair loss treatment recommendations.

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