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Hair thinning all over my scalp…how do you treat diffuse unpatterned alopecia?

comb hair lossName: Joseph

Question: I’m a 19 y.o. healthy male, I have hair thinning all over my scalp especially the sides and the top crown. My dad has thin hair just on his frontal line and top, but he is not completely bald and his hair on the sides of his head is very thick and normal. My mom’s brothers have thinning hair on the crown area, but I have thinning hair all over my scalp. What could this be? And how do you treat diffuse unpatterned alopecia? Thank you.

Answer: Since it is thinning on top of your head, your hair loss is indicative of male pattern hair loss (MPB). You may also have diffuse hair loss, which would explain the thinning at the sides. Diffuse hair loss usually self-corrects over time, though treatment can help speed up the process, whereas MPB is progressive and requires consistent treatment to stop it from worsening. The treatment for both conditions is similar (with the exception of the DHT blocker Propecia which works best for MPB) and minoxidil is used to treat both diffuse and pattern hair loss.

Whilst Propecia is standard dose, minoxidil is dose dependent, so depending on the level of your hair loss and how stubborn it is to treat, a specialist can decide on the appropriate daily dose up to our high strength minoxidil cream. A visit to a hair loss specialist will help to correctly diagnose your type (or types) of hair loss, and a tailored hair loss treatment plan can then be drawn up for you. Close monitoring will then help to chart your progress and ensure that hair density is improving.


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