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‘Hair Shedding After Stopping Minoxidil Treatment One Month In’


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Hair Loss in MenName: Faeem

Question: Hello…I used minoxidil for a month..but after stopping it from the last week my hair fall suddenly increased…. I am losing more than 100 hairs per day… What should I do…

Answer: Hi, Faeem. As you don’t appear to be a Belgravia Centre client we recommend that, in the first instance, you speak with whomever provided you with the minoxidil in the first place about this increased hair loss.

For the purposes of providing you with some general advice we will assume that you are using this treatment for Male Pattern Baldness.

As you may know, minoxidil use can cause an increase in shedding at first – within the first month is normal – and this is not generally anything to worry about. It can actually be a good sign as new hair growth should follow. At Belgravia we tend to expect clients to see the first signs of results at around three to six months after starting their hair loss treatment course, depending on the level of shedding when they first started.

You mention that you stopped using your treatment after one month – this could well be the reason for your sudden increase in hairloss as you do need to use minoxidil on an on-going basis in order for it to be effective. If you stop using it, the effects will wear off and your hair will start to shed again. However, as before, given you are not one of our clients we cannot give you personalised advice so we suggest you do check with your treatment provider who can advise based on your medical profile. If you would like a second opinion then please do contact us for a consultation and we will have one of our hair loss specialists assess you and perhaps recommend alternative high strength minoxidil formulations that may be more suitable.

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