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Hair Restoration Methods

Some people believe hair restoration means painful, expensive and possibly dangerous surgery. With this grim outlook in mind, many people may let the years pass by and let the condition progress before looking into the matter more thoroughly. FDA approved hair loss treatments, surgical hair transplants and non-surgical hair replacement systems are the most accepted and effective means of hair restoration but timing is crucial in determining which method is for you.

Hair Restoration MethodsAs soon as you start to notice thinning hair, excessive shedding or a receding hairline, you’re immediate step should be to see a trichologist. If you had a skin condition you would consult a dermatologist, likewise, if you’re concerned about hair you visit a trichologist who is a specialist in hair and scalp care. They will be able to diagnose the condition properly and inform you if there’s anything other than genetics playing a role in your hair loss and advise you on what action to take.

In 80 percent of male hair loss cases and around about 40 percent of female hair loss cases, the condition is hereditary. The most likely outcome is that you will be prescribed one to three treatments. These are the only treatments for hair loss that have been clinically and scientifically proven to treat hair loss and have been approved by the FDA for efficacy and safety. Propecia, minoxidil and the laser comb are safe, economical and effective ha ir restoration methods that if prescribed in the right doses and in suitable combinations to suit each individual, will usually effectively put an end to hair loss and restore any lost hair.

If hair loss is not addressed soon enough and the hair follicles become dormant, medications may not help the condition. There are really only two other alternatives and these may prove less effective than natural hair restoration with the FDA approved treatments for hair loss, more expensive or even dangerous.

A surgical hair transplant would be the only other option of restoring your natural hair. However, the prerequisite for this procedure is that you still have some active hair follicles that produce hair. Men usually have hair remaining at the sides and back of the scalp which is where the hair would come from. With women however, the procedure can be less effective because they tend to experience general, all-over thinning rather than a predominant loss on the crown like men. So, instead of transplanting healthy hair to bald patches, women may have hair transplanted that may still eventually thin out.

In the case of complete hair loss, non-surgical hair replacement can artificially restore hair. Hair pieces have been used for centuries, not just as a hair loss treatment but for ceremonies and traditions throughout history. The quality of hair replacement has definitely come a long way and they can look completely natural but of course, if natural hair is used it will naturally come with a higher price tag. Maintenance is a big thing with hair replacement systems and you may need to tend to it just as much as you did with your original hair, if not more so. This can become an expensive endeavour.

FDA approved hair loss treatments, surgical hair transplants and non-surgical hair replacement systems are the most accepted and effective means of hair restoration. If you know there’s something you can do about hair loss, you should do something about it early. You could safely, effectively and economically stop hair loss and restore your hair and your youth. There are other options if the condition is too far gone but in any case, you should consult a hair loss specialist first to get the best advice.

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