Hair Restoration

What is hair restoration? To what degree can thinned hair be restored?

There’s a slight difference between thinning hair and hair loss. Once a hair has been ‘lost’, it can’t be restored without surgery. The process of hair loss consists of each hair becoming thinner with each growth cycle (each growth cycle lasts between 2 and 8 years and is different for each person). Eventually the hair becomes so thin that it can’t be restored… tiny fluff-like strands almost invisible to the human eye. When this happens the area becomes shiny, commonly referred to as baldness.

So on the way to hair loss, the hair thins more and more over time. Hair restoration is very possible without surgery. It is these thinned hairs that can be restored, and much of the time, with the correct combination of primary hair loss treatments and hair growth boosters, can be thickened up considerably. You can see examples of the different degrees of hair restoration Belgravia patients frequently experience by visiting our hair loss before / during treatment photo pages. All patients who visit the centre are monitored with photos.

Hair Restoration

A lot of the time ‘hair restoration’ refers to surgery. Surgery (a hair transplant) is the only way to restore hair to completely bald areas, but if there are still signs of hair growth then there is every chance of hair restoration. As you’ll see from the photos, results vary from person to person… some will only experience hair loss stabilisation, but most will also see some degrees of hair restoration, whether it’s vast amounts of regrowth or a slight increase in visual density of the hair.

Here’s some more information on RESTORING YOUR HAIR. It’s very possible for most people with thinning hair. You can arrange a free examination at the centre so that we can recommend the most effective course of treatment for you, or you can complete our ON-LINE DIAGNOSTIC FORM if it’s difficult for you to get to London.

We’ve also recently monitored a patient with videos HAIR LOSS VIDEO DIARIES. And he’s due to film his next video diary soon so keep a lookout.  Here's the direct comparison between his hair at day 1 and day 88 of treatment but you can click on the link above for his bi-monthly diary reviews...

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